Looking for a getaway with something for the whole family, but you don’t want to do the same old thing? Put Wyoming on your itinerary.

From corner to corner, unforgettable adventures await you in the Cowboy State, each with something for everyone that’s a little out of the ordinary and a whole lot of fun. Pack your bags, answer the westward call, and get ready to find out why Wyoming is one of the best family vacation spots in the United States.

9 Wyoming Family Vacation Ideas with Kids

Wyoming’s rugged beauty, rich history and Old West charm make for a getaway you won’t soon forget. These nine cities are packed with unique family vacation ideas, each with its own distinctive character. Take a look at these itineraries and fill your travel time with some of the best family adventures in Wyoming.

1. Guernsey

A couple walking their dogs smile at each other as they overlook Register Cliff, standing 100 feet above the sparkling North Platte River valley.
Photo credit: The Menkes

Known to most as a prime destination for outdoor adventure, Guernsey is also steeply rooted in our nation’s westward expansion history, making it one of the best family vacation spots in the Cowboy State. Grab the gang and make the most of getting outside. 

Go Yurt Camping

If you think camping in the wilds of Wyoming can only mean popping a traditional tent, think again. Guernsey State Park has four rentable yurts on the park’s west side, each with rustic bunk beds, tables, and chairs. Fire up the grill, enjoy lounging in the provided outdoor seating, and pack plenty of flashlights and s’mores ingredients for family night around the campfire.

Partake in Water Activities on the Reservoirs

While exploring Guernsey State Park, don’t miss out on one of its most popular offerings: a day on the water. The area’s reservoirs boast some of the best trout fishing in the state, providing plenty of opportunities to take the whole crew out on a boat ride. Looking for rentals? Check out the Glendo Reservoir just 30 minutes north of the park or B&A Marina for pontoon boat rentals. Bellwood Boats is another fantastic option, offering waverunner and paddleboat rentals in addition to the traditional pontoon.

See the Oregon Trail Ruts

Take a look at one of the many ways pioneers left their mark in real time by bringing the family to the Oregon Trail Ruts. From the mid to late 1800s, settlers followed the historic Oregon Trail to seek out new opportunities and new lives in an uninhabited area of the country. The gouges left by many wagon wheels cut into stone in Guernsey leave behind ruts that are four feet deep and fascinating to see.

Pro tip: Want to explore more of the Oregon Trail with the family? Check out the Oregon Trail Historic Byway, a 90-minute drive through American history from the Nebraska border to Dwyer Junction.

Visit Fort Laramie Historic Site

Bring Western history to life with the kids by visiting the Fort Laramie Historic Site, the meeting point for United States soldiers, emigrant people, and Indigenous tribes. Tour the grounds, interact with folks dressed in clothes from the 1800s, and visit what was once the 1884 Commissary Storehouse (now a museum, bookstore and visitor center.) You can watch a film about the location’s history there before traveling the entire fort and exploring 12 other restored buildings.

2. Sheridan

A group of seven visitors ride horses all in a row along a trail through the pine trees in Sheridan.

From the dust-kicking fun of the Sheridan Rodeo to the authentic Western feel of its historic downtown, Sheridan is an excellent spot for a kid-friendly vacation. Find yourself and your family in the kind of place that has something for everyone.

Try a Stay at a Dude Ranch

If you’re in the mood for an all-inclusive family vacation, why not do it like the cowboys do? Dude ranches are hubs of family fun, offering the ability to experience ranch life hands-on by way of cattle drives, pitching stables and other cowpoke activities. Beyond working the ranch, families can take horseback rides, learn to rope, practice archery and more. All of that on top of a cozy room and hot meals — it’s a Wild West dream.

Take a Kid-Friendly Hike

Wyoming is a fantastic place for avid hikers, and in Sheridan, you can find the right trail for the whole family. One great place to hike with the kiddos and admire the beauty of nature is the Sheridan Pathway Holly Ponds trail, a 2.9-mile out-and-back loop. Peaceful, secluded, and easy to maneuver, the Pathway provides an excellent opportunity for the family to get some exercise and spot local wildlife.

Go to a Family-Friendly Polo Match

Horseback riding isn’t just for cowboys — it’s also for polo players. In Sheridan, your family can take in the pulse-pounding action of a polo match with the incredible backdrop of the Bighorn Mountains. The area is well known for breeding polo horses, and two local polo clubs, the Flying H Polo Club and the Big Horn Polo Club, face off throughout the summer to the cheering delight of their fans. Bring the kids, pack a snack, and enjoy a sporting day in the great outdoors.

Spend the Day at Kendrick Park

Kendrick Park stands out among Sheridan’s many outdoor gems, promising the perfect family day in a beautiful open-air setting. From wandering the nature trails to exploring along the tree-lined creek, it’s the ideal place to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with each other. Peek into Trail End, a historic mansion built in the early 1900s, or take a ride on a waterslide at their pool in the summer heat. Top off the day with a stop at Scoops, the park’s own ice cream stand.

Pro tip: Before leaving Kendrick Park, don’t miss the Kendrick Elk and Buffalo Park next door. A small herd of elk and buffalo call this preservation area home, and the land is safely fenced in so you can approach to take photographs and observe the animals in their natural habitat. Be sure to teach your little ones to respect the wild animals and not to attempt to touch or feed them.

Explore the Story Fish Hatchery

Speaking of wildlife, little ones will love a trip to the Story Fish Hatchery in Sheridan. Come explore the life cycle of fish native to Wyoming at this hatchery run by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, where your family can learn more about fish breeding, hatching and conservation. Your kids will learn the importance of the hatchery’s work in keeping fish breeds healthy and thriving in the wilds of Wyoming.  

 3. Pinedale

Two kayakers hold their oars as the water ripples across Fremont Lake in Pinedale, where snow-capped mountains tower in the distance.
Fremont Lake

Thanks to its many neighboring lakes and rivers, Pinedale is best known for being a water lover’s dream. In the cold weather months, outdoor sports enthusiasts flock to this city for skiing, snowboarding and ice fishing.

Stay near the National Parks

For the charm of an authentic Western town close to everywhere you want to be, plan your stay in Pinedale and make it the base camp for your family’s adventures in the Wyoming wilderness. Conveniently located near both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, you can plan your park days and come on back to Pinedale for dining, shopping and rest after a long day.

Check out Fremont Lake

If you’re staying in Pinedale and looking for one of the best family vacation spots, there is one lake to end all lakes: Fremont Lake. Stunning to look at and well suited for the water activities of your family’s dreams, you will find opportunities to take a pontoon boat ride or go sailing with your nearest and dearest. Try your hand at water skiing, or pack a pole and do a little fishing in nature’s peaceful atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to stay where you play and set up camp right on the lakefront.

Visit the Museum of the Mountain Man

Wyoming’s heritage is deeply rooted in the United States’ westward expansion in the mid-late 1800s. In Pinedale, the Museum of the Mountain Man will take you on a trip back in time to that era. Explore the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade exhibit to learn about the West’s early economics and how these rugged settlers survived in a new world. Don’t miss the Hugh Glass diorama while you’re there — this brave and fascinating character, portrayed in the 2015 film The Revenant, was a real-life mountain man with an incredible story.

Go to the Aquatic Center

Rain or shine, it’s always a great day to take the family swimming, and Pinedale Aquatic Center is there to aid in all the fun. Check out their pristine indoor pools that come complete with water slides, a submarine to climb on, and so much more. If your kids have so much energy that it feels like they’re climbing the walls, let them give the indoor climbing wall a try and see how far they can go.

Go on a Family-Friendly Mountain Biking Tour

Has all the Wyoming adventure got your gang feeling a need for speed? Treat them to a summer mountain biking tour through the glorious Teton Forest, suitable for all ages. Follow a guide as you cruise through this lush expanse of green, and if you get hungry, don’t worry — depending on the length of your tour, snacks and lunch will be provided, so you’ll have no hangry little ones to contend with.

4. Saratoga

Two women laugh, reclining into their elbows, flip flops behind them as they dip their legs into the hot springs in Saratoga.
Find Hot Springs

Want to know why a trip to Saratoga is one of the best family vacations with kids? This city combines adventure in the breathtaking Western outdoors with a real sense of rest and relaxation, allowing parents and kids to decompress and destress while getting quality time together.

Go Fly Fishing

Nothing says the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement quite like fly fishing, and in Saratoga, it’s easy to find. Grab a pole and head to the Upper North Platte River for a fun-filled day connecting with nature on peaceful water. Your family might just catch a trout — cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout are plentiful in the river, so cast your line and see what you find. 

Take the Family to Hobo Hot Springs

Saratoga’s world-famous hot springs were intended to be accessible for all to soak in, and if your family wants to take a dip in these naturally toasty waters, all you have to do is visit Hobo Hot Springs. This public pool is open year-round and is free to visit, so all you need are your bathing suits and a desire to fully unwind.

Pro tip: If you and your crew are craving a more exclusive experience, plan your stay at the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. A dip in the springs comes with fun extras (like sitting in a teepee while you do it).

Dine at the Wolf Hotel

Not only is the Hotel Wolf and Restaurant a gorgeous landmark in the heart of Saratoga, but it’s also one of the best places in the entire state to get a great steak dinner. Settle in with your littles, and you’ll find something to tempt the tastebuds of every age group, from steaks, scallops and salmon to burgers, corn dogs and more for tiny diners.

 5. Laramie

The grass sways before the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site as a wisp of cloud moves above in a bright blue sky.
Photo credit: Wyoming Office of Tourism

A visit to Laramie is a unique family vacation idea due to its blend of history and engaging, educational fun. Your family will play as you learn and learn as you play, creating unforgettable memories to take home with you.

Explore Vedauwoo Recreation Area

Take your outdoor adventure to new heights by bringing the family to visit Vedauwoo Recreation Area. These unique rock formations set the stage for some of the Cowboy State’s premiere hiking and biking. If you have an active, adventurous family, the rock climbing at Vedauwoo is second to none. You can also set up camp there, allowing easy access to all the outdoor excitement.

Dive into History at the Geological Museum

Take a closer look at Wyoming’s history in Laramie, but make it Jurassic. A bronze T-Rex greets you at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum, where your family will find an incredible array of artifacts and exhibits from when dinosaurs were the state’s only residents. Don’t miss “Big Al,” the Allosaurus (one of the most complete fossils in the world) or the Brontosaurus skeleton soaring to an impressive 75 feet.

Take a Free Walking Tour at the Wyoming Art Museum

While exploring the university, don’t miss out on some culture time for the whole family at the Wyoming Art Museum. Admission is free, so a stop here fits nicely into any vacation budget. Annd you don’t simply look at artwork here — you can learn about and create it. Check the museum’s extensive list of lectures, workshops and classes before you book your trip, or feel free to schedule an experience

6. Rock Springs

A young boy sits on a sandboard as grains of sand jump, his sister balancing on another sandboard behind him as their parents smile and clap, watching their children learn to sandsurf on the dunes.
Photo credit: Sweetwater Tourism

If you’re looking for a getaway as distinctive as your family, look no further than Rock Springs. This city’s collection of family-friendly activities is made up of things you can only find in Wyoming, so grab your camera and get ready for vacation pictures that will make your friends jealous.

Go Sand Surfing at Killpecker Sand Dunes

Take your family’s love of outdoor sports to the next level with an experience they will truly never forget. You may have heard of surfing, but what about sand surfing? At Killpecker Sand Dunes, you can hover and glide across the desert sand like you would on a skateboard without the wheels. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be coordinated to join in on the fun, which makes this the perfect outdoor sport for the whole family.

Take the Family Camping & Stargazing

A lack of tall buildings and bright lights leaves the big sky open in Wyoming, which sets the scene for an incredible night of stargazing. Spend your day setting up a comfy campsite and round the family up for a cozy campfire, then stretch out and take in the constellations like you’ve never seen them before. 

See the White Mountain Petroglyphs

Art from thousands of years ago has been memorialized forever on sandstone cliffs, and your family can see it on your trip to Rock Springs. The White Mountain Petroglyphs feature handprints, hunting scenes, and other etchings that speak to what life may have been like for people back in those days. Spend a wonderful day outdoors and forge your own closeness with Wyoming’s historical residents.

Drive to Boar’s Tusk

Hop in the car with the whole family and take off to take in Boar’s Tusk. This striking structure is the core of a dormant volcano, made up of material that is 2.5  million years old. This wonder of nature has been used as a marker along many travelers’ journeys throughout generations, and it is standing tall today for your family to explore.

Pro tip: While you can drive up to the access road that takes you to Boar’s Tusk in any vehicle, a high-clearance vehicle is recommended for the remaining 3 miles of terrain before you reach the site.  

 7. Kemmerer

A father and son proudly hold up their finds at the American Fossil Quarry, as their son/brother uses a tool to hunt for more fossils in Kemmerer.

When it comes to unique family vacation ideas, Kemmerer is in a class by itself. Best known for its rich mining history, the town features an idyllic Western main street, ghost towns, and plenty of opportunities for families to get out and explore the Wild West.

Go Fossil Digging at Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery

What kiddo doesn’t love to get their hands dirty? In Kemmerer, they can do just that and take home a little piece of history. At Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery, you can look at fossilized fish drawn from the now-dry Syncline Lake, including beautiful pieces of art you can put in your home. If you and the crew want to uncover your own treasures, you are invited to book a tour. The experts at Ulrich’s will take you right out to the site, guiding you through the process of uncovering these hidden gems.

Visit the original JCPenney Mother Store & House

Nothing says family throughout the ages quite like department store titan JCPenney. What you might not know is that the shopping mall staple got its start in Wyoming, and the building that is now known as the “mother” store is in downtown Kemmerer. It’s still open for business and stocked with your fave JCP brands, but the vintage vibe of the old store is a must-see. Additionally, the home of founder James Cash Penney is nearby and is a museum that is open to the public. 

Hike and Explore Ham’s Fork River

Hiking and fishing come home just a short drive from Kemmerer, and the place to be is Ham’s Fork River. Bring the kids for a little roughin’ it at a genuine campsite, enjoy a day on the waterfront and do a little fishing, or relax in the great outdoors and keep your eyes open for one of the area’s other prominent residents: the moose.

8. Cody

A group of horses lean to their right as they prepare to gallop in the Cody Night Rodeo.

Welcome to Cowboy Country. Named after the great William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, the city of Cody offers a fantastic kid-friendly vacation with all the Wild West trimmings. Grab your boots and your ten-gallon hat for some rootin’ tootin’ family fun.

Check out the Cody Nite Rodeo

Rodeo has been the official sport of Wyoming for over 20 years, but its roots go much further back in state history, and the Cody Nite Rodeo is a proud part of it. Come for the evening, and you’ll be treated to all the roping and riding you can handle, leaving your little ones engaged and energized. 

Go Back in Time with Old Trail Town

It’s not enough to just learn about the Wild West — your family needs to experience it for themselves, and visiting Old Trail Town will give you that experience. Walk through buildings from the late 1800s, look at authentic wagons used by actual pioneers, and learn more about the history of the city and Buffalo Bill Cody’s enduring mark. Don’t miss the hideout cabins that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once used.

Experience Educational Fun at Buffalo Bill Center of the West

You can’t plan a trip to Cody without taking the family to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Aptly named after Buffalo Bill, this massive center comprises five separate museums, each offering a different hands-on experience. Start with the Plains Indian Museum to learn more about Indigenous history, or check out the Draper Natural History Museum to experience the organic elements that make Wyoming so unique.. 

Take a Rafting Trip down the Shoshone River

The incredible scenery surrounding Cody is truly unforgettable, and if your family is jonesing for adventure, the best way to experience it may just be adrift on a raft. The River Runners of Wyoming can make that happen, offering whitewater rafting trips down the breathtaking Shoshone River. Spot wildlife, view every scenic spot from your place in the rushing waves and give your crew a real adrenaline rush.  

9. Cheyenne

The river shines beneath the rocky terrain that's covered in green pine trees on a bright day at Curt Gowdy State Park.
Curt Gowdy State Park Photo Credit @jissa_vibes

Cheyenne, the capital city of the Cowboy State, welcomes you with all the natural beauty and world-class attractions you would expect. Dive into history, explore the great outdoors and see some of the best of the West at one of the state’s best family vacation spots.

Visit the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Enjoy the splendor of nature indoors and out at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. Free to explore and packed with family fun, this immersive natural experience begins in the conservatory and extends to the outdoor gardens and the Paul Smith Children’s Village. Make sure you check their events calendar for informative classes and activities just for the little ones in the group. 

Explore the Wyoming State Museum

Explore Wyoming’s heritage through both a human and prehistoric lens at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne. This comprehensive collection of exhibits, artifacts and hands-on learning outlines the entire state’s history, from mining and life on the frontier to dinosaurs and beyond. Keep an eye out for Family Days, which occur on the first Saturday of every month and are great fun for everyone.  

Camp Out at Curt Gowdy State Park

There’s more to see when you explore Cheyenne; Curt Gowdy State Park is a fantastic example. Tour this mass expanse of natural beauty, and you’ll see reservoirs cut through stone walls, a sparkling lake and hiking trails that truly show off the geographic features that make Wyoming stand out. Pack a tent and a pair of binoculars for some spectacular birdwatching.  

Tour the Quebec 01 Missile Historic Site

For a family activity that is truly one of a kind, be sure to stop by the Quebec 01 Missile Historic Site. Tour the interior and see where the missileers worked when this control center was in use during the Cold War and then go 50 feet down into the Capsule to see their controls and learn about their duties. This is the only Peacekeeper Missile Alert Facility in the world, so don’t miss your chance to explore a piece of history.

Resorts & Wyoming Family Getaways

The red aerial tram soars through captivating views of the landscape sprawling across Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

When it comes to the best family vacations with kids, sometimes having all-inclusive pricing makes planning much easier. In addition to the suggestions above, Wyoming has plenty of fantastic resorts that take the guesswork and stress out of your getaway. Whether you want a location central to all the activities you want to do or you plan to decompress and enjoy a little on-site Western luxury, visit Wyoming for a resort with fun for every family member.

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