Wyoming is known for our stunning, wide-open landscapes and amazing mountain views, but we must remind ourselves to step back and take in of one of our greatest assets: our night skies.

If you need some convincing, here are 5 reasons why Wyoming is the best place to lay back and gaze at the stars:

1. Low Light Pollution

With the lowest population in the United States and even lower light pollution, Wyoming has some of the darkest night skies in the country. City lights in highly populated areas make the night sky brighter, making it difficult if not impossible to see the starry skies. Since Wyoming’s light pollution is so low, the night skies are particularly magical. This allows us to see planets, stars, nebulae, and even galaxies.

2. High Altitude

With an elevation averaging 6,700 feet above sea level, we’re closer to the sky in Wyoming. Being higher in elevation means that we are looking through less atmosphere making the sky’s features clearer. For an extra stunning view, plan to join one of Wyoming State Park Star walks.

3. Clear Skies

Summer weather in Wyoming makes it easy to plan on clear skies for a night under the stars. Wyoming’s low humidity and predictable summer weather make for frequent cloudless night skies. Just to be sure, check the conditions before heading out on your stargazing adventure.

4. Wide-open Spaces

With endless amounts of undeveloped lands, it is easy to find the perfect spot for stargazing. With 12 state parks, and 6 national parks, monuments and sites, you won’t have trouble finding a spot to set up your telescope and settle in for the night. (Don’t worry if you didn’t bring a telescope along, the Wyoming night skies are an amazing sight even without extra gear.)

5. Educational Programs

We love our night skies, and so do the experts. Check out night sky programs across the state including Star Programs at Devils tower, stargazing tours with Wyoming Stargazing, and several planetariums throughout the state.

With so many amazing places to view, it may be hard to narrow it down. Here are a few of astronomy expert Dr. Samuel Singer’s favorite spots:

Wind River Range
Red Desert
Adobe Town
Antelope Flats

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