Like many of the state’s attractions, Wyoming’s hot springs have a long history.

Many Indigenous peoples believe the hot springs in Wyoming possessed healing powers, while settlers stopped at the naturally heated pools to soak their weary feet during their travels westward. Today’s visitors flock to soaking spots throughout the state to relax, recharge and admire the surrounding scenery.

Open year-round, these steamy hot springs attractions are especially fun in chilly weather, when swirling snowflakes make the warm waters even more enchanting. Experience the wonder for yourself at one of these popular Wyoming hot springs.

Wyoming Hot Springs Map

Where can you find the best hot springs? The answer is all over the state, but our hot springs in Wyoming map is a good place to start, followed by our list of seven hot springs to visit when you’re in the Cowboy State.

7 Popular Hot Springs in Wyoming

As you can see on the map, Wyoming hot springs are many, but we’ve identified seven of the best hot springs to explore and experience. You’ll find we have indoor and outdoor pools set in a variety of gorgeous settings.

1. Hot Springs State Park – Thermopolis

A footbridge snakes across Teepee Fountain, a popular natural hot spring located in Wyoming's Hot Springs State Park.
Photo Credit: Hot Springs Travel and Tourism

Free indoor and outdoor soaking pools attract visitors as a result to the Hot Springs State Park bath house.

Other attractions in the state park include the swinging bridge across the Bighorn River and the frequently photographed Teepee Fountain, an otherworldly mound of rock shaped by the flow of mineral-rich groundwater.

Don’t Miss: The roaming bison of Hot Springs State Park

About 25 resident bison roam the grounds of Hot Springs State Park year-round, and 10 to 15 calves join the herd during the spring. In the winter and fall months, visitors can witness the morning feeding of the bison.

2. Star Plunge – Thermopolis

Star Plunge is an entire family fun center. The indoor and outdoor pools are heated by the Big Spring, and the water has at least 27 different minerals.  After a soothing soak, explore the rest of the park featuring multiple water slides, the vapor cave, sun decks, a game room, a gift shop and more. 

Don’t Miss: The vapor cave

Relax and rejuvenate year-round in the Vapor Cave. Hot mineral water overflows into a fountain, creating steam that naturally heats the cave.

3. Granite Hot Springs – Jackson

Visitors soak in Wyoming's Granite Hot Springs, located just south of Jackson.
Photo Credit: @faye___film

Granite Hot Springs, tucked above Granite Creek Falls south of Jackson, features a waterfall-fed, 104-degree soaking pool and a man-made swimming pool. While the pools close at the end of October, the site reopens for winter soaking in December and can only be accessed by snowmobile, skis, or snowshoes. Find snowmobiling guides.

Don’t Miss: Dog sledding to Granite Hot Springs

The journey to Granite Hot Springs is particularly exhilarating via a dog sled. Jackson Hole’s Iditarod Sled Dog Tours offers half and full-day excursions to the area. Your musher guide will point out deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and points of interest as you enjoy your scenic, warm ride in a modern sled. Availability is limited, so book your Iditarod sled dog tour early.

4. Saratoga Resort & Spa – Saratoga

Saratoga Resort & Spa has a 70-foot outdoor hot springs pool and five smaller, teepee-covered soaking pools — the perfect respite after a long day of cross-country skiing and snowboarding on trails in the Snowy Range and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Don’t Miss: Couples Retreats at Healing Waters Spa

Book an appointment at Healing Waters Spa, housed in its original 1902 spa building. The Couples Retreat treatment for two includes a soak in one of Saratoga Resort’s teepee-covered pools, wine and appetizers, and a massage.

5. Hobo Pool – Saratoga

The entrance for Hobo Pool, a natural spring in Wyoming, sits under a blue sky.

Free and open around the clock, Hobo Pool has two natural pools (one is aptly named the Not So Hot Pool) adjacent to the Platte River. The site, located near Saratoga’s municipal pool, is a great place to interact with locals.

Don’t Miss: Wading through Platte River

Walk down the small hill behind the Not So Hot Pool to wade into the Platte River, where warm agua from the springs meets the flowing river.

6. Astoria Hot Springs Park – Hoback

Couple in a Astoria Hot Springs pool, a popular destination in Wyoming.
A couple soaks in a pool within Astoria Hot Springs, Wyoming.

Nestled within Astoria Park along the Snake River in Jackson Hole is the Astoria Hot Springs. Choose from five different man-made soaking pools that are naturally fed and are rich with more than six unique mineral compounds that aid in healing the mind and the body. A popular Wyoming hot spring for families, you’ll also find grab-and-go snacks, picnic areas, and a playground. 

Don’t Miss: Astoria Park

Plan to spend some time in Astoria Park. The over 95-acre park is under development and will offer walking trails, wildlife-watching overlooks, ponds and wetlands, gathering spaces, a Kiosko, and a nature playground.

7. Hellie’s Tepee Pools

Find yourself in hot water at Hellie’s Tepee Pools, the world’s largest mineral hot springs in Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming. You’ll discover three hot springs pools (one indoor and two outdoor), one outdoor and three indoor hot spring tubs, an indoor and outdoor hot spring waterslide, an indoor steam room, and a dry sauna so you can swim, soak, and slide all right here.

Don’t Miss: Tipi Grill!

All of that soaking and swimming can sure work up an appetite. Luckily Hellie’s Tepee Pools recently added a concession stand. The Tipi Grill offers all your favorites, including foot-long hot dogs, hand-dipped corn dogs, chicken strips, deep-fried Oreos, and much more.

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