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Experience the timeless allure of Wyoming’s natural hot springs, cherished for centuries by Native American tribes, mountain men, pioneers and settlers seeking solace in healing mineral waters. Today, discover these rejuvenating havens in Thermopolis, Saratoga, and Jackson Hole.

In Thermopolis, Hot Springs State Park boasts three soaking pools, including the free and open-to-the-public Wyoming State Bath House. Dive into relaxation at Star Plunge and Hellie’s TePee Pools, surrounded by rainbow terraces, the state’s bison herd and a scenic swinging bridge.

Saratoga, in Southwest Wyoming, beckons with a well-established hot springs resort and a free public soaking pool. The Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, blending lodging, dining, and natural springs, provides a tranquil escape. Also enjoy the Hobo Hot Springs, free to the public and sit along the North Platte River.

In the northwest corner near Jackson, Granite Hot Springs and Astoria Hot Springs offer serene escapes into nature. Access Granite Hot Springs in winter via snowmobile, dog sled, skiing or fat biking, adding an extra layer of adventure to your hot springs experience. Discover the therapeutic wonders and scenic beauty of Wyoming’s hot springs, where history and relaxation converge.

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