All at once, the town of Saratoga feels homey, like your childhood neighborhood, while also feeling like a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Follow the call of the wild on an outdoor adventure, then stop inside to experience a friendly Western reception.

The Best 12 Things to Do in Saratoga

A thing to do in Saratoga, Wyoming is visiting North Platte River, a haven for outdoor activities and serene riverside moments.
The beauty of North Platte River in Saratoga, is where outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves nature.

Are you prepared to discover the best of Saratoga, Wyoming? Get ready for a journey with plenty of things to see and things to do!

1. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

It’s time to experience Wyoming’s wonders the way nature intended. World-famous for holistic healing and ultimate relaxation, the soakable hot springs in Saratoga have been a prime visitor destination for generations, and the best way to experience them now is at the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort.

In addition to easing your aches and pains in a natural hot spring, the resort offers many health and wellness services at the Healing Waters Spa, including hot stone massage, crystal work and more. Additionally, your stay at the resort comes with all the amenities you’d expect, from comfortable rooms to delicious on-site dining to plenty of outdoor activities.

2. Saratoga Public Golf Course

How about hitting the links on some Wyoming golf courses during your visit? Lucky for you, the Saratoga Public Golf Course (part of Saratoga Hot Springs Resort) provides your choice of 9 or 18-hole games on well-manicured grounds, all offset by the backdrop of the North Platte River region.

For the last 70 years, golfers from around the country have enjoyed testing their skills amid the gorgeous scenery, including shots over the river after teeing off on the edge of a cliff. Check out their pro shop nearby the resort grounds, and make sure you’re prepared for a golf game you won’t soon forget.

3. Snowy Mountain Brewery & Pub

Another shining example of the fun that awaits you at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort is Snowy Mountain Brewery, an impressive craft brewpub with a penchant for tradition. Focused on rich flavors and high-quality brews, Snowy Mountain is among the oldest craft breweries in the state.

Stop in to their taproom and help yourself to a chef-curated meal on their “outdoor oasis” patio, and wash it down with an Aspen Alley Amber, a Saratoga Wit or a Cowboy Kolsch.

4. Hotel Wolf and Restaurant

Hotel Wolf and Restaurant in Saratoga, Wyoming, a historic thing to do blending old-world charm and modern comfort.
Step back in time at Hotel Wolf and Restaurant in Saratoga, where history comes alive and comforts await.

You might be the kind of traveler who wants your Wyoming experience filled with old-timey saloons and Western brick-front structures but still appreciates the modern conveniences you’ve come to expect while on vacation. If this sounds like you, Hotel Wolf and Restaurant in Saratoga fits the bill perfectly.

This historic hotel took off in the late 1800s (thanks in part to the railroad), and it has been a must-see and must-stay for travelers and famous names ever since. Treat yourself to upscale cowboy eats in their dining room, top it off with a drink in the saloon and retire to modern comfort in one of their updated rooms or suites.

5. Hobo Hot Springs

The Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga, Wyoming, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the natural thermal pools, a thing to do in the area.
Blissful relaxation at Hobo Hot Springs, one of many things to do where visitors love to relax.

If the hot springs in Saratoga are calling your name, you may wonder how to maximize your getaway to spend as much time in them as possible. Not to worry — the Hobo Hot Springs are ready and waiting for your arrival.

Located in the City Park, these steamy natural pools are situated along the picturesque North Platte River and range in temperatures from 101-120 degrees. Better yet, Hobo Hot Springs is open to the public year-round, 24 hours a day and is absolutely free to use. Spend your vacation in ultimate relaxation.

6. Brush Creek Distillery

It’s no secret that Western grit and moxie are alive and well, and that fact is evident in Wyoming’s impressive spirit scene. Located at the popular Brush Creek Ranch, Brush Creek Distillery pours the soul of the old West into every bottle, combining established distilling processes with contemporary methods to give an authentic taste of Saratoga’s landscape in every sip.

Treat yourself to a tour and tasting while you’re in town, and don’t forget to grab a bottle of gin, whiskey or vodka to take home.

7. Saratoga Museum

Don’t miss out on the ability to learn more about Saratoga’s fascinating history while you’re in town. Located in an old railroad depot, the Saratoga Museum is full of documents, artifacts and photos of Carbon County’s days gone by, as well as a real railcar and one-room cabin on-site to give visitors the genuine pioneer experience.

The museum is best known for its extensive collection of rocks, gemstones and minerals from around the globe, so make sure you take a peek while you’re there.

8. Sweet Marie’s Mercantile

While you’re soaking up some of Wyoming’s best attractions in Saratoga, you’re probably planning the best way to bring a bit of Western fun back home with you or thinking about the perfect souvenir to get for a loved one. Sweet Marie’s Mercantile is your answer, offering home goods, clothes, local foods and artwork, all with a friendly “Howdy!”

Pick up some handmade jewelry, a Saratoga t-shirt or unique stickers designed by Wyoming-based creatives, and make it a souvenir to remember.

9. Fly Fishing

A person enjoying fly fishing in Saratoga, Wyoming with their loyal dog by their side, one of the many exciting things to do in the area.
If you love fly fishing, Saratoga is a great place to stay active in nature.

Anglers from far and wide flock to Saratoga for excellent fly fishing, particularly in the Upper North Platte River. Still, if you’re looking for a calm, quiet fishing experience, you’ll find that here. With 150 miles of water and 14 points of public access to it, there is always a waterfront to claim as your own and spend a day truly away from it all.

The best time for fly fishing in Saratoga varies and depends on the weather of the previous season (as well as what you’re looking to catch), but spring and fall are great times to plan your visit, with peak season right in the heart of the summer. Trout will be your most plentiful catch, with more browns, rainbows and cutthroats than you can count.

For visitors who would rather spend the day floating in the river or taking in the scenery, there is no shortage of wildlife viewing opportunities, from bighorn sheep to bald eagles and river otters.

10. Medicine Bow National Forest

A wilderness adventure calls many to get away from it all in the state of Wyoming, and the options to do that are endless in Medicine Bow National Forest in Saratoga. Untouched and unspoiled, dense woodland framed by rocky mountainside sets the stage for the perfect way to unplug and decompress.

To be sure you see all the sights, take a road trip on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway through many popular local attractions. Of course, your stops will be filled with just as much excitement. Whether you’re looking to fish, hike, kayak or simply float around and watch the wildlife, every outdoor enthusiast will find something to love in Medicine Bow.

11. Saratoga National Fish Hatchery

If you’re looking for a wildlife experience that is uniquely Wyoming, the Saratoga National Fish Hatchery may just fit the bill. Assembled to protect endangered fish from extinction, this organization breeds several types of trout for ecological conservation. It also shares its successful efforts with lakes and waterways nationwide.

For an up-close-and-personal look at their essential work, stop by their visitors center when you’re in town or arrange a tour of the facility. Don’t forget to peek at the Wyoming toad while you’re there.

12. Bella’s Bistro

There’s nothing like the taste of authentic Italian cuisine to satisfy your appetite, and finding it in Saratoga couldn’t be easier. Local favorite Bella’s Bistro provides a comfortable, casual environment and an incredible menu, using classic recipes and a commitment to fine ingredients.

From pesto chicken tortellini to gnocchi sorrentina and genuine gelato for dessert, it’s a taste of Italy without leaving Wyoming. Additionally, with reasonable prices and a children’s menu, you’ll find the perfect dish for everyone in the family.

FAQ: Things to Do in Saratoga, WY

Saratoga, Wyoming, is best known for its hot springs and is one of the few areas in Wyoming where you can find them.

The top attractions to visit in Saratoga are the Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs, the Saratoga Museum, Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, Medicine Bow National Forest, Hotel Wolf, and Sweet Marie’s Mercantile.

The best outdoor activities in Saratoga often center around its natural hot springs. Both the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort and the Hobo Hot Springs have soakable hot springs for visitors to enjoy. Beyond that, Medicine Bow National Forest is a popular destination for outdoor adventure, including fly fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, hiking, biking, rock climbing and more. There are also plenty of outdoor activities in the winter months, including snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking.

Yes, you can swim in Saratoga Lake, WY, and you will find ample camping opportunities if you want to spend your vacation lakeside.

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