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What They’re Made Of.

Wyoming is home to the bold, and the quietly courageous. The dreamers and the outlaws. They push themselves forward. And discover new paths. Because you don’t go west to compromise. Or make yourself more comfortable. In Wyoming, there’s more than enough room to take that chance. And that’s just what these Modern Explorers have done. Maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

Jimmy Chin, Modern Explorer

Jimmy Chin


Whether he’s directing an Academy Award-winning film or centering himself on the face of near impossible climb, Jimmy Chin constantly pushes himself to explore deeper into the unknown. Discover why after countless expeditions around the globe he still chooses to call Wyoming home. And why he believes it’s more important than ever to protect our wild spaces for generations to come.

Modern Explorers

Jess Oldham


What’s wild isn’t without vulnerability. So when Wyoming’s wild horses need refuge, Jess Oldham and his family work to ensure they have more than enough room to run at the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary. Learn how this ranching family founded a safe space for one of the most iconic symbols of the American West.

Taylor Thoman, Modern Explorer

Taylor Thoman


When your grandmother is a Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame cowgirl, you’re born with your boots on and ready to ride. Discover how 12-year-old Taylor Thoman, a formidable firebrand in her own right, continues to buck expectation as she takes up the family business. Because there are some traditions that can’t be broken.

Tim Trites, Modern Explorer

Tim Trites


You don’t start a zero-waste distillery because it seems easy. You build it because you want it to last. Learn how Tim Trites, owner and master distiller at Pinedale’s Cowboy Country distilling, struck out from the corporate world to honor his craft in the best way he knows how. Whisky distilling and cattle ranching might be more intertwined than you think.

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