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Tim Trites, Modern Explorer

Tim Trites

Zero-Waste Distiller

The West has always been a place of possibility and opportunity. Where a dream—through hard work and determination—could become reality. Tim Trites knows that’s as true today as it’s ever been. “If I was going to build a distillery anywhere in the world,” he says, “I would build it here.” And that’s exactly what he did.

Turning water and grain into whisky is good old hard work. But it’s work that Trites and his fellow distillers across the state are happy to do because “there’s nothing like seeing the people in your community, the people in a place you call home, sitting around with friends, drinking a cup of your spirits.”

Here’s where you can sample the best whisky in the West.

Modern watering holes might look a little different from the days of the old West (though you can still saunter into a classic saloon), but one thing has remained constant: Whisky.

If Napa Valley has wine and Louisville has bourbon,
Wyoming has whiskey. And that’s no accident.

Cowboy Country Distilling is tucked away in Pinedale, an authentic Western town nestled on the slopes of the Wind River Mountain Range.

Whether you want to adventure through the surrounding 1,300 lakes and sprawling mountains or kick back on Pine Street, you’ll find the town still calls to true explorers for good reason.