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Elyse Guarino, Modern Explorer

Elyse Guarino

Rafting Guide

“You can’t think about a river or a creek in isolation. It’s a system and they’re all connected. Out here you can see that clearly,” says Elyse Guarino. “And you can follow them as far as they go.” In Wyoming, a rafting trip connects you not just to the landscape in a thrilling way, but to welcoming communities across the state. So grab a paddle, and discover where it might take you.

Wyoming might be a landlocked state, but the rivers that descend its high ranges help sustain complex ecosystems—and economies—here and far beyond the state’s borders. For Elyse Guarino, there’s no better way to experience that natural connection than an adrenaline pumping white-water run or a scenic float.

When someone climbs in a raft, “it simplifies everything,” says Elyse Guarino. And whether she’s ready to embark on a week-long pack rafting trip or simply looking forward to sitting around the fire and under the stars, camping is one of her favorite ways to keep things simple.

Wyoming Rivers Co-op is based in Cody where the rugged charm of the Old West meets endless outdoor adventure. The city of Cody was founded by its namesake, Buffalo Bill Cody, in 1896 as a railway stop en route to Yellowstone National Park. Today, it’s home to a nightly summer rodeo, the historic Irma hotel and still serves as the perfect basecamp to explore the nearby Shoshone National Forest and Yellowstone National Park.