Team Wyoming

As part of Wyoming’s cowboy culture, a team of cowboys — known as Team Wyoming —wear the Wyoming brand as they compete and perform in rodeos around North America. Team Wyoming is made up of eight members, including Dusty Tuckness (bullfighter), Nate Jestes (bullfighter), Brody Cress (saddle bronc), Ty Blasingame (team roper), Cole Reiner (bareback), Seth Hardwick (bareback), Chet Johnson (saddle bronc) and Tanner Butner (saddle bronc).

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Team Wyoming
Dusty Tuckness – Bullfighter

Dusty Tuckness


Dusty Tuckness, a 15-time NFR Bullfighter and 10-time PRCA Bullfighter of the Year, embodies the spirit of rodeo with each fearless performance. Hailing from Meeteetse, Wyoming, Dusty is not only a seasoned professional but a nominee for the prestigious Bullfighter of the Year award for the 11th time.

His connection to Wyoming runs deep, and Dusty cherishes the welcoming community that defines the state. “Doesn’t matter where you go, you always feel welcomed!” he remarks. Beyond the arena, he finds solace hunting in the challenging yet vast landscapes of the Big Horns.

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Team Wyoming
Nate Jestus – Bullfighter

Nate Jestes


Nathan Jestes, a 5-time NFR Bullfighter and an 8-time PRCA Bullfighter of the Year Top 5 nominee, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Wyoming. Hailing from Douglas, Wyoming, Nathan finds solace and strength in the values upheld by the communities in the state.

His favorite retreat in Wyoming is amidst the mountains, where he embarks on elk hunting adventures. Traveling the entire year with his family, including his wife, Bridget, and little girls, Harper and Channing, Nathan Jestes found fulfillment in being a dedicated family man while passionately pursuing his rodeo career. This unique blend of family and passion set the stage for an unforgettable year in his remarkable journey.

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Team Wyoming
Brody Cress – Saddle Bronc

Brody Cress

Saddle Bronc

Brody Cress, a proud 7-time NFR Saddle Bronc Rider, epitomizes the spirit of Wyoming’s rich heritage. Hailing from Hillsdale, Wyoming, Brody is deeply connected to the history and values of the state, representing them with every ride. In 2023, his prowess in saddle bronc riding shone brightly as he clinched victories in over a dozen rodeos.

This year marked Brody’s seventh consecutive NFR appearance, a testament to his consistency and excellence in the arena. Beyond the rodeo, Brody holds a master’s degree in Ag. Business from Tarleton State University, showcasing the depth of his commitment to both academia and the world of rodeo.

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Team Wyoming
Cole Reiner – Bareback

Cole Reiner


Cole Reiner, a resilient four-time NFR qualifier and bareback rider, embodies the essence of Wyoming’s spirit, rooted in values and heritage. Originating from Buffalo, Wyoming, Cole faced adversity during the challenging 2023 regular season, yet his unyielding spirit and skill propelled him into the top five of the world standings.

Despite a setback due to a knee injury in August, this Buffalo native showcased exceptional resilience, securing victories at various rodeos. Notably, Cole claimed the championship at the Sheridan WYO Rodeo in 2023, repeating his previous year’s success. His prowess extended to being the co-champion of Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2023. Cole Reiner’s journey exemplifies not only his dedication to the sport but also his unwavering commitment to the cowboy way of life.

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Seth Hardwick - Bareback
Seth Hardwick – Bareback

Seth Hardwick


Residing in Laramie, Seth Hardwick perfected his bareback riding style while he attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University where he qualified for the CNFR. Since then, Seth joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 2011 and qualified for WNFR in 2015. In 2019, Seth won the Mountain States Circuit Finals and WCRA Major.

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Team Wyoming
Chet Johnson – Saddle Bronc

Chet Johnson

Saddle Bronc

A Douglas native, Chet Johnson was first inspired by his father to become a rodeo athlete. Now, Chet has been competing for nearly 23+ years. Chet is four-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier, an eight-time Canadian Finals Rodeo qualifier and the 2009 CPRA Bronc Riding Champ. In 2020, he won the Okeechobee Cowtown Rodeo Xtreme Broncs and Royal City Roundup.

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Team Wyoming
Tanner Butner – Saddle Bronc

Tanner Butner

Saddle Bronc

Tanner Butner, a skilled saddle bronc rider from Sublette County, Wyoming, demonstrated his tenacity throughout the regular season, finishing an impressive 11th in the world standings. His journey to the NFR was nothing short of dramatic, sealing his qualification on the final weekend with a flourish.

This Sublette County native navigated the ups and downs of the season, clinching victories at prestigious rodeos. The highlight of his season included setting the saddle bronc riding arena record at the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo with an outstanding score of 94 points. Tanner Butner’s exceptional performance in the regular season marked his second consecutive qualification for the NFR.

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