Glamping is a blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” two opposite concepts. But this trend offers the benefits of fun outdoor experiences with the comfort and amenities that travelers have come to expect.  

With our scenic mountain terrain and star-filled nights uninhibited by city lights, Wyoming is the best place for glamping. Glamping is perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway, families looking for a fun and relaxed camping experience or anyone looking to rough it in comfort and style.

Here are a few of the best places to glamp in Wyoming.

Wyoming State Parks

Wyoming is home to twelve amazing state parks. While you might not think of a state park as a glamping destination, three of those parks offer accommodations in yurts.

Yurts are large, circular structures with rafters that come toward a central dome. During the day, the sun shines through the dome, making the interior of the yurt feel warm and bright. At night, stars shine through the dome, making it perfect for stargazing.

Wyoming State Parks

The yurts at Guernsey, Glendo, and Sinks Canyon state parks offer bunk beds, comfortable furniture, electricity and heat. Outside each yurt is a deck with picnic tables and shared pit toilets. If you want an even more glamorous state park option, try the treehouse at Keyhole State Park.

While not quite as luxurious as other accommodations, the unique experience of yurt camping is one that everyone should try.

United States Forest Service Cabins

Glamping doesn’t have to occur in a tent or yurt.

There are many U.S. Forest Service cabins scattered throughout Wyoming that provide another excellent opportunity for glamping.

Many cabins offer beds, furniture and all of the conveniences of home. Some cabins are rustic, and you’ll find yourself using an outhouse. Others have indoor toilets and running water. Staying in a Forest Service cabin will offer you the opportunity to get away from it all, without having to pitch a tent or have a cookie-cutter hotel experience.

Plus, these cabin rentals are a very affordable and easy way for families to enjoy the great outdoors. Just be sure to plan your trip early, as many cabins are in high demand and book quickly.

Glamping Resorts

If you want to kick your luxury camping experience up a notch, check out one of Wyoming’s swanky glamping resorts.

Several places near Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks offer glamping in covered wagons, traditional indigenous-style teepees, cotton canvas cowboy tents, sheepherder wagons and more.

Glamping Resorts in Wyoming

Try the Pahaska Tepee Resort in Cody, Glamping of Jackson Hole in Jackson Hole or Cabins on the Wind in Dubois for some swankier options.

Many of these glampsites feel as if you’re stepping into a fancy, high-end boutique with endless amenities like king-sized beds, fluffy pillows and housekeeping services.  But you’ll still feel like you’re camping as you gaze up at the stars while roasting the perfect golden-brown marshmallow over the fire.

So, the next time you’re visiting Wyoming, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and give glamping a try. Glamping can be as luxurious or as rustic as you want. You may discover that sleeping in a yurt or a teepee might make your vacation just a little bit more memorable.

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