7 Ways to Experience Yellowstone this Summer

There are endless ways to explore Yellowstone National Park‘s 2 million acres. Here are seven suggestions to help you start planning your own adventure in this iconic and stunning landscape.

1. Drive around the Grand Loop

While the roadless areas of Yellowstone are incredibly vast, nearly all of the park’s most famous natural wonders are close to the path of the Grand Loop, the 140-mile, figure-eight-shaped main drag. Making lodging or camping plans ahead of time and planning to spend at least a few days (a week or longer would be ideal) traveling the route will allow you plenty of time to explore Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Falls, Yellowstone Lake, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and other places along the way.

2. Pick a trail for a day hike

Venturing away from the roads for a hike into the serenity of park — whether it’s one mile or 10 — is a great way to experience Yellowstone’s peaceful grandeur. The National Park Service has great maps, descriptions and difficulty-level and safety tips for day hikes organized by location here.