Visiting Yellowstone National Park is a magical, other-worldly experience. And staying in the park elevates that experience to a whole new level, truly allowing you to drink in the beauty around you and get the most out of your visit. There are nine different lodging options available in Yellowstone National Park, all of which offer something special. Whether you’re looking for a rustic cabin or a little more of a luxurious stay, you’re sure to find something to fit you and your family’s needs.

One quality you’ll find when staying in Yellowstone is you probably won’t have access to a TV or internet in your room. While this may seem strange to some, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have a truly disconnected time away in peace surrounded by nature and the ones you love.

Check out the following options that will allow you to truly get away and experience the wonder of the nation’s first national park.

Yellowstone National Park Lodges

The most central is the Canyon Lodge & Cabins, located near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and its Lower Falls, and featuring some of the newest, most sustainable lodging with five new LEED-certified lodges. All rooms and cabins here have private baths.

The Grant Village lodging complex features six two-story buildings, each containing 50 rooms, all with private bathrooms. The village is located on the southwest shore of Yellowstone Lake and is the nearest location to Grand Teton National Park.

Lake Lodge Cabins features a main log lodge, cozy cabins and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel, the park’s oldest and most elegant, is on Yellowstone Lake and is listed on the Register of Historic Places. While the guest rooms capture the historic 1920s ambiance, the nearby cabins provide more basic and economical options.

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, located near the North Entrance, offers the only accommodations in the park that are accessible by car in the winter. Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating are offered.

The rustic-style Old Faithful Inn, a national historic landmark, is the most requested lodging option in the park. Located adjacent to the Old Faithful Geyser, the inn is one of the largest log structures in the world. Rooms come with and without baths.

The Old Faithful Lodge Cabins, located near the Old Faithful Inn, feature a one-story main lodge as well as basic cabins equipped with and without baths.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins, the newest of the park’s full-service hotels, offers lodge rooms and western cabins. Like the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge is open in the winter. However, it is accessible only by snowcoach. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and wildlife tours are offered.

The rustic log Roosevelt Lodge Cabins, named for Yellowstone enthusiast President Theodore Roosevelt – who regularly visited the park – is a favorite of families and fishermen.

Please note: To ensure availability, be sure to book accommodations early. Reservations for the following year open May 1st.

To explore a more complete list of lodging options for your summer vacation, check out our places to stay listings.

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