“This is my office, this is my playground and I see never ending opportunities to explore, to adventure and I have this all at my fingertips and it’s so exciting.”

Packing horses into the Wind River every day of the summer since she was 13 taught Jessie the skills she needed to earn the respect of her guests so that they felt confident in her hands in the mountains. She said “Whenever I felt underestimated, I always made sure to go the extra mile. To always be the first one out to feed in the morning and just always showing that I may not be as physically big and stout as these macho guys in their 20s, but that I was [still] capable.”

Women of Wyoming: Jessie Allen

Her love of the outdoors and of horses led her to a position as an officer of the state Future Farmers of America chapter. During this opportunity, she spent time traveling, speaking at different schools across the state. This experience sparked inspiration for Jessie to compete and win the title of Miss Wyoming in 2014. Later traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey to compete for the title of Miss America.

Summers spent growing up on the ranch put her a little out of her element on her journey to Miss America. She admitted that she was the only contestant who had never had a pedicure. Going on to say that she needs the calluses on her feet for her active lifestyle. She was probably also the only one to know what it’s like to live 4 months out of the year without electricity.

Often found at sunset practicing yoga on the rocks a short hike from the ranch, Jessie would like to, in the future, incorporate more health based activities onto the agenda at the ranch. “I’m proud to be in this position as a woman and showing that I’m capable of running an operation, a business here in Wyoming and making it go smoothly and providing meaningful experiences for people from all over the world. So, to be the one who can organize these trips for people, it’s really meaningful for me.”

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