Travel Resources & Alerts

Traveling Responsibly

COVID-19 travel guidelines change frequently. We encourage you to check in with cities, businesses and events before setting out and to keep up to date with the latest travel guidelines in the U.S. and Wyoming.

National Parks & Monuments: Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are currently transitioning into their summer operations season, meaning that some roads, visitor centers, lodging and other facilities are not yet opened. Yellowstone National Park will begin opening their roads on April 15th. The national parks have switched over to a reservation system, be sure to book before you go.

State Parks: State parks are open to everyone for day use and overnight stays. Yurts, cabins and campsites must be reserved in advance through Wyoming State Parks’ reservation system.

Know before you go

Before you set out on your epic adventure, explore what you need to know so your Wyoming vacation goes off without a hitch.


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