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Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the wonders of the West.

Crook County offers unparalleled outdoor recreation, welcoming locals, and the pride of being home to the nation’s first National Monument. Come and explore what awaits you in Devils Tower Country! While there are many adventures to be had in Crook County, this itinerary does not include everything this area has to offer. Be sure to check out the full list of Wyoming listings at Travel Wyoming Events Calendar to avoid missing out on all the fun.

Historic Ranch A

Beulah, Wyoming

Ranch A spans approximately 645 acres and proudly preserves its rich array of historic structures. The entirety of Ranch A is under the ownership of the state of Wyoming. Oversight of Ranch A’s operations falls under the purview of the State Lands & Investments Board. A dedicated private non-profit entity, the Ranch A Restoration Foundation (RARF), holds the lease for Ranch A. Should you be interested in securing Ranch A for your upcoming event—be it a meeting, convention, wedding, retreat, family reunion, or a tranquil weekend escape—please don’t hesitate to contact us at (307) 643-3101.

Vore Buffalo Jump

Beulah, Wyoming

One of the most important archaeological sites of the late-prehistoric Plains Indians is the Vore site, a natural sinkhole that was used as a bison trap from about 1500 to 1800 A.D. Over 300 years, at least five different tribes utilized the Vore site, trapping at least 10,000 bison there. The Vore Buffalo Jump is open to the public during the summer months, offering visitors the opportunity to learn about the increasingly famous Vore site and the larger cultural context surrounding the Plains Indians and their relationship with the buffalo. During the visit, at least two staff members will be present to explain how the indigenous peoples used the sinkhole as a trap, the various products they obtained from the buffalo for sustenance and other purposes, and the significant role the Vore site played in Plains Indian history and culture.

Crook County Museum & 1875 Art Gallery

Sundance, Wyoming

At the Crook County Museum & Art Gallery, you can explore numerous historical artifacts of the American West. With over 7,000 items on display, you’ll encounter highlights such as the original courtroom where the Sundance Kid had his trial and an impressive gun exhibit, among other fascinating pieces. If you visit during the summer, be sure to inquire about their captivating and historical “Sip N Walk” Tours.

Sundance Square Park

Sundance, Wyoming

Sundance Square is an enchanting open-air park and historical attraction located in the heart of Sundance, WY. Adorned with captivating artwork, charming fountains, cherished mementos and a life-sized sculpture of the Sundance Kid, this park is destined to be a beautiful and family-friendly spot for many years to come!

Sundance White Ranch Park

Sundance , Wyoming

Don’t miss out on Sundance’s fantastic outdoor recreation destination, Sundance White Ranch Park. This expansive 100+ acre park is situated at the base of Sundance Mountain, providing an ideal location for hiking, mountain biking and thrilling explorations.

Warren Peak Lookout Tower

Moorcroft , Wyoming

When you reach the top of Warren Peak, you’ll encounter a lookout tower accompanied by an interpretive sign detailing its history. While you can ascend the stairs almost to the top, please note that access to the highest floor is restricted. However, from this elevated position, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding Black Hills, with the sight extending to the Bighorn Mountains in the west on clear days. To access the tower, take a short dirt road off Warren Peak Road, and be on the lookout for signs guiding you to the fire tower lookout.

West Texas Trail Museum

Moorcroft , Wyoming

A historically significant site lies where the West Texas Trail crosses the highway. In the late 1800s, this location witnessed the passage of herds of Texas Longhorn cattle, a pivotal event that sparked the town’s inception. Homesteaders were drawn to this area by the promise of free land, which laid the foundation for the establishment of Moorcroft, WY.

Keyhole State Park

Moorcroft , Wyoming

Keyhole State Park is a beloved destination among locals! This hidden gem is cherished for its wide range of activities. Visitors can partake in swimming, hiking, boating, water skiing, bird-watching, fishing, camping, geocaching and picnicking – truly something for everyone in your group. Notably, the park has gained renown for being home to some of the largest fish ever caught in the state, making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. With its diverse offerings, Keyhole State Park guarantees a memorable experience for all who visit.

Devils Tower National Monument

WY-110, Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devils Tower, America’s first national monument, gained significant attention as the backdrop to the 1977 Stephen Spielberg movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, beyond its cinematic fame, the tower holds profound spiritual significance for Northern Plains tribes, particularly the Kiowa Tribe from the Black Hills region. With a history spanning thousands of years and preserved through oral storytelling. This remarkable monument offers much more than its rich history. At the visitor’s center, you can learn about various ranger-led programs, indulge in mesmerizing night sky viewing, explore hiking trails, and even attempt to climb to the top of Devils Tower. If one day isn’t enough to fully experience this unforgettable area, consider bringing your camping gear to stay within the monument or find accommodations just outside in one of the nearby towns. Whether you camp within the monument or stay nearby, your visit to Devils Tower promises to be an extraordinary and deeply meaningful experience.

Hulett Museum & Art Gallery

Hulett , Wyoming

The Hulett Museum proudly features a historic wagon at its core, which journeyed down the Lincoln Highway in 1915 before heading north to bring a pioneer family to their homestead near the base of Devils Tower. This captivating tale is just one of the many colorful stories shared within the log building that serves as the Hulett Museum’s home. The museum boasts an exceptional collection of black and white photographs, offering a glimpse into the area’s past. Additionally, visitors can explore intriguing details about the history of the Hulett Rodeo and the majestic Devils Tower. A visit to the Hulett Museum promises an enlightening and engaging experience, steeped in the rich history and fascinating narratives of the region.

Aladdin General Store

Aladdin , Wyoming

For all your needs, including the kitchen sink, the Aladdin General Store is the perfect destination. This well-preserved gem is one of Wyoming’s five remaining 19th-century mercantile, having accumulated inventory since 1896. Stepping into the Aladdin General Store feels like a journey through time, with antiques that may not have been considered antique when they first arrived. From fishing supplies to clothing, groceries, art, beer, and hardware, you can find it all under one roof. Over the last 110 years, the store’s stock may have evolved, but much of its original charm remains intact. The interior woodwork, cabinetry, and windows have stood the test of time. Even the peeling wallpaper in “Aladdin’s Antique Attic” is an original feature. Behind the counter, you’ll find roll-top storage bins bearing old scribbled prices, a testament to inflation over the years. A visit to the Aladdin General Store offers a delightful glimpse into history and a chance to experience an authentic mercantile from days gone by.

Aladdin Coal Tipple

Aladdin , Wyoming

This wooden coal tipple stands as one of the few remaining structures of its kind in the American West. A remarkable testament to mining technology from the late 1800s, the tipple was designed to store and sort coal from the mine using chutes. During the peak of the town’s mining boom, the area boasted a population of 500 people. However, after 1910, coal hauling dwindled, and the last train departed Aladdin in 1927.

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