Wyoming’s snowmobiling is some of the best in the world, thanks to the state’s dry powder, dramatic scenery and well-maintained trails. Hundreds of miles of trails traverse several mountain ranges, diverse forests and a couple of National Parks. And, there’s enough variety to please everyone — from the adrenaline-seeking free-rider to the first-timer looking for a short jaunt.

Thrill Seeker

The Snowy Range in southeastern Medicine Bow National Forest is a free-rider’s playground, full of deep powder, steep bowls, challenging hills and enough jumps to keep an adrenaline junkie’s heart thumping for hours.

Scenery Lover

The mainly groomed trails on the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail (CDST) provide 270 miles of beautiful and varied scenery. The trail runs along the Continental Divide from Lander past Grand Teton National Park to Flagg Ranch at the south gate of Yellowstone National Park. Hop on in the area around Dubois for especially delightful and picturesque winter scenes. Watch for critters big and small as you wind your way through the trail system.

Distance Doer

The vast and rolling terrain of the Wyoming Range, an area between Alpine and Kemmerer, hosts fewer visitors than the CDST and Yellowstone networks but is just as scenic and every bit as enjoyable. Spend a few days in the area and hop from cabin to cabin, traveling along the 355 miles of mostly groomed trails; access trailheads from Pinedale, Big Piney and LaBarge.

Family Adventure

Grab the family and sign up for a guided tour through Yellowstone National Park, a winter wonderland full of steaming geothermal pools, frozen waterfalls and dense forests. Take the classic journey out to Old Faithful Geyser Basin and the kids will have plenty to write about when the teacher asks what they did during winter vacation. Wildlife is sure to be a part of their report.

Short and Sweet

Snowmobile tour outfitters provide the gear you need to stay warm and comfy, but some riders just aren’t in it for the long haul. Fortunately, there are many easily accessible short trails scattered around the state. Bear Lodge Mountains in northern Wyoming features a convenient system of loops that wind around hills and through valleys. To those who want to stay as close to civilization as possible, rent a snowmobile in Pinedale  — the machines are allowed on the town streets! Casper is also a great option for sledding near civilization.

Romantic Getaway

With Jackson as a home base, explore northwest Wyoming on half- or full-day excursions. Many outfitters offer extra-special touches, like steak lunches and soak breaks at the Granite or Astoria Hot Springs. Finish the day with a horse-drawn sleigh ride and spend the night in one of the many luxury lodges in the area.

History Buff

A network of historical trails run through Casper, rutted traces of the pioneers’ westward expansion. Today, the Bureau of Land Management, the National Historic Trails Center Foundation, and the City of Casper maintain the trails, and wintertime visitors can explore the area by snowmobile. Read up on the trail’s history at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center Casper before heading out to the Casper Mountain system.

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