Wyoming is full of stories waiting to be shared, and in an era where there is a podcast for every interest, the state-based options available to you are as diverse as the local culture.

You’ll find the top history podcasts showcasing the state’s heritage and programming that highlights the art scene, geology, conservation, wildlife and more. Pop one on your favorite platform or streaming service, and get a real feel for Wyoming wherever you are. Whether you are a resident, visitor or just interested in learning about the state, there is a podcast for you.

1. Hello Wyoming

Calling all Western lovers, visitors and dreamers: it’s time to say Hello Wyoming! Wyoming Office of Tourism’s own podcast, this instructional program devotes an episode to each of the state’s scenic byways, dividing the land into sections that are distinctly beautiful and easy to turn into customizable travel itineraries.

Get a run-down from residents who know the area best, and plan your next trip to Wyoming, from road trips to must-see natural wonders.

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2. Rediscover the Winds

The Fremont County Museums have hosted a podcast about the area’s history (known as Wind River Country), which includes the Wind River Reservation, the towns of Lander, Riverton, Dubois and more. The hosts of this podcast are collections managers for two local museums, but their upbeat banter makes this a top history podcast and a fun listen, even for non-history buffs. Using museum artifacts and expert interviews, this podcast helps listeners discover the quirky, heart-wrenching and fascinating history of Fremont County and the American West.

While it’s been some time since this podcast had a new release, it remains evergreen, highlighting amazing facts from the area’s yesteryear. Episodes range from 9 to 29 minutes, making them easy to digest from your home or Wyoming’s wide-open roads.

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3. Your Mountain

If you are interested in the outdoors, this podcast is worth a listen. With over 40 collective years in law, science and policy, the hosts of Your Mountain tackle the heavy subjects impacting outdoor recreation in an approachable way. David Willms, Mike McGrady and Nephi Cole are all avid outdoorsmen, hunters and anglers who call Wyoming home.

They rely on their own experiences and the knowledge of their guests to inform listeners about critical outdoor issues across the United States.

Topics range from the epic annual migration of mule deer in Wyoming and its impacts to the importance of diversity outdoors. Each episode is a little over an hour long and jam-packed with insights, anecdotes and humor.

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4. Women in Wyoming

Creator and host of this podcast, Lindsay Linton Buk, is a fifth-generation Wyomingite, an artist and a photographer. She spent several years discovering inspiring women around Wyoming and telling their stories. Women highlighted include an Eastern Shoshone linguist, a rural medicine practitioner, a backcountry pilot and more.

Episodes range from 20-25 minutes, making it easy to dive into all three chapters of this series. Take a listen to discover the stories of fascinating women who are breaking down stereotypes and building a better tomorrow in the Equality State.

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5. Dead & Gone in Wyoming

For those who love true crime, check out Scott Fuller’s Dead & Gone podcast. Every month, this podcast tells the story of a murder or mystery that took place in Wyoming.

Most episodes range from 20-30 minutes, digging into all of the gruesome details of the state’s most fascinating disappearances and homicides. This thrilling podcast will leave you with a look at the darker side of Wyoming.

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6. The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush

If you are drawn to stories of the wild American West, this podcast is for you. With a soundtrack and voice that belong in a classic Western film, historian and Wyomingite Clay Gibbons shares lesser-known stories from around the state. From the trial of the 1909 Spring Creek Cattle Raid to the recollection of an interview with the last Plains Indian Chief, The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush gives its listeners a glimpse into the western roots of Wyoming.

Episodes range from 25 to 35 minutes, allowing you the perfect amount of time to let your mind wander West.

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7. Go Be Wyoming

This local Wyoming podcast gives you insights into the state’s current culture, politics and much more. Host Aaron Gray has interviewed guests from Governor Mark Gordon to former NFL player Chris Prosinski.

With a mission to give Wyoming businesses, people and organizations the opportunity to tell their stories of grit, determination and kindness, this new podcast will keep you up to date on various topics around the state. Episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes, taking the time needed to cover relevant local subjects.

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8. Wyoming My 307

Hosted by Wyomingite and retired teacher Carla Mowell, this podcast highlights history, geology, wildlife and much more around the Cowboy State. Every episode takes time to highlight a specific town in Wyoming and features topics from ranching to being gay in Wyoming.

Episodes of this catchall podcast range from 30 to 50 minutes, holding a host of information and stories to help you discover hidden gems statewide.

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9. The Morning Gather with Governor Mark Gordon

While it’s common to hear state politicians communicate with their constituents via press conferences or written statements, Wyoming is a unique place that deserves a special approach.

Governor Mark Gordon has set out to make a podcast that informs both locals and fans of state wildlife and geology about the challenges and opportunities they face and how they intend to tackle them.

This allows listeners a sneak peek into their governor’s mindset in a setting that is equal parts informative, educational and candid.

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10. Wyoming Pathway to Adventure

For the thrill-seekers among us, a Wyoming getaway means access to nearly every outdoor sport under the sun. This podcast is an ode to the best of the outdoors all across the state, so wherever you live or whenever you visit, you will be prepped to find all the pulse-pounding recreation you can handle.

Produced by the experts at Wyoming Outdoor Recreation, you know you’re getting the best information delivered to you by folks who know Wyoming inside and out.

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11. The Wyoriginal Podcast

Nothing describes the state of Wyoming better than “original,” and The Wyoriginal Podcast is an ode to that sentiment. Packed to the brim with conversation about arts, culture, food and athletics with roots in the Cowboy State, you’ll hear fun commentary and relevant tidbits about Wyoming life from host Dominic Syracuse and other folks who live it.

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12. Pioneers of Outlaw Country

Love the history of the Wild West? Join the Hot Springs County Pioneer Association as they present their first season of Pioneer of Outlaw Country. In the late 1800s this area had no jails but was ripe with saloons and homesteads attempting to settle the area. Coal, oil, cattle, hot springs and much more enticed pioneers to make this area their home. Listen to the stories that highlight the brave souls that set out west and befriended outlaws to survive.

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Can’t Get Enough of Wyoming’s Top History Podcasts?

If you’re itching for more Wyoming podcasts, don’t miss out on these wildly popular pods that have specialty episodes showcasing Wyoming as well as an one-season docu-series about the Cowboy State:

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