RV camping in Wyoming opens the door to a wild landscape that offers jagged mountains, spectacular waters, desert landscapes, rugged plains, cool western towns, and much much more.

Some areas — like Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks — have been discovered, meaning lots of folks flock to these sites annually. There are many other breathtaking sites in Wyoming that remain undiscovered by the masses, but just because these sites are off the usual path doesn’t mean they’re any less magical. 

By traveling through Wyoming in an RV, you’ll open the door to camping in some of the most undiscovered areas in the state. In this post, we’ll chat about why RVing is the best way to see Wyoming, unpack a handful of the best-undiscovered areas of Wyoming, and share some cool RVs you can rent in those areas. 

The Tetons are undeniably magnificent – but let’s explore some equally majestic but lesser-known areas.

Why RVs Are A Great Way To See Wyoming

Wyoming is stacked with scenic byways, national forests, and other terrific natural sites. By RVing through the state, you’ll be best equipped to take in these sweeping mountain views and nestle into peaceful campsites within national lands.

RVs beat out any other mode of transportation in Wyoming because there are simply too many areas to be explored where the best accommodation is your own rig with your own kitchen, bathroom, and epic vistas right out your front door.

And if you don’t have your own RV, don’t sweat it — Wyoming features many RVs that you can rent for your journey

Know Before You Go — Wyoming RV Travel Tips

RVing is a tremendous opportunity that brings with it certain responsibilities as you traverse Wyoming. Here are some quick RV travel tips to bear in mind:

•Always practice responsible fire making

Know the rules, stay limits, and road conditions for national and state lands — Wyoming has many campsites in national and state lands that offer free or low cost RV camping. These spots can sometimes feature things like rugged entrance roads, size limitations, and other factors that could impact your trip.

Always research ahead to know the rules, ground clearance restrictions, and other considerations for each place you plan to camp. 

Stay safe on the road — Wyoming is a mountainous state that’s packed with epic drives featuring steep grades and an abundance of wildlife. Research your route before taking off to make sure your vehicle can handle the roads you’ll be traveling on.

Cell service can also be low or nonexistent for long stretches on Wyoming roads, as can access to gas stations. Plan routes accordingly and be sure to read up on these resources for vehicle travel in Wyoming before you go. 

The Most Undiscovered Areas of Wyoming (that are great for RVing)

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area features a beautiful reservoir surrounded by stunning red cliffs. Horseback riding, mountain biking and fishing for 20+ pound trout are just a few of the activities you’ll have right outside your RV. The area features a plethora of campsites where you can lay your head under a crystal clear night sky.

Check out RVs for rent near Flaming Gorge

Keyhole State Park

Keyhole State Park features RV camping and is located in close proximity to RVing destinations such as the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, the Bighorn Mountains and Devils Tower

Check out RVs for rent near Keyhole State Park

Bighorn National Forest

Set up camp at West Tensleep Lake Campground, which is located within the Bighorn National Forest. This site allows you to camp within the Bighorn Mountains and provides easy access to some of the state’s best trails and scenic views.

Alcova Reservoir

Alcova Reservoir, along with the Gray Reef and Pathfinder Reservoirs, are fly-fishing paradises. The reservoirs are also stellar spots for water activities like paddleboarding and kayaking.

The hip town of Casper also sits nearby. Casper is home to world class recreational activities and features a cool small-town scene with breweries, distilleries and a growing arts scene.

From your RV, you can find a wilderness campsite that’ll put you in range of the reservoirs and all that Casper has to offer.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

If you want to be near Wyoming’s national parks but not direcly in them, head to Bridger-Teton National Forest. This 3.4 million acre expanse is an off-the-beaten-path destination that will take your RV through some of the most undiscovered areas of the Yellowstone/Teton ecosystem.

The beauty of this area is that you’ll be in close proximity to two national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton) but you won’t have to fight the crowds. In fact, campgrounds such as Upper Teton View Campground offer sweeping views of the Teton mountain range in a secluded area.

And you can also soak in places like the Granite Hot Springs — a rustic spring managed by the forest service and tucked deep into the woods.

Although reservations aren’t required, please be aware that camping does fill up in this area. It’s always best to have a backup plan in mind. 

The Red Desert

Located in Southeast Wyoming, the Red Desert is one of the last great high-elevation deserts in the U.S. It features a badland oasis, sandstone towers, deep canyons, and tall sand dunes.

The Red Desert also offers interesting wildlife viewing because the animals like mountain plover and sage grouse leks are unique creatures that have adapted to the desert’s harsh climate.

Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest

Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is another of Wyoming’s national forests that is an RV camper’s dream. Spanning from Northern Colorado to the middle of Wyoming, this 2.2 million acre expanse is a paradise of mountain ranges, grasslands, woods, and wetlands all rolled into one.

RVing into this wilderness opens the door to 36 developed campgrounds and countless other spots for backcountry camping.

Nearby Laramie — a town brimming with Western culture and a hip college vibe — is a great jumping off point for this national forest.

You could even rent this campervan with a rustic interior to explore all that Medicine Bow has to offer.

Star Valley

Located in Southwest Wyoming, Star Valley is packed with small towns and big adventures. From these towns, you can explore rolling green hills pressed against snow-peaked mountains and enjoy epic hikes that crisscross this whole area.

RVing affords you the opportunity to roll all around this down-to-earth patch of Wyoming while soaking in the epic views right out your front door. Be sure to also check out the Star Valley Scenic Byway, an 80 mile stretch featuring mountain views, babbling brooks, and the world’s largest elkhorn arch in Afton.


Hot springs, wildlife, and dinosaurs all within a few miles are a few of the things that make Thermopolis, Wyoming a must see. Hot Springs State Park is here and features hot springs nestled in stunning rock formations.

And then there’s the dinosaur museum in town that features hundreds of displays and over 30 mounted skeletons.

Thermopolis is also located between both the Shoshone and Bighorn national forests — two destinations that are a must when you find yourself RVing.

Here are a few cool RV rentals near Thermopolis.

Glendo State Park

This 22,000 acre state park sits on and around the Glendo Reservoir. The area features over 45 miles of hiking/biking trails and some of the best walleye fishing in the state.

Glendo State Park also offers over a dozen campgrounds where you could park something like this hip campervan to access the area.

The most undiscovered areas of Wyoming are best discovered by RVing. That’s because each of these areas offers an abundance of camping opportunities that allow you to literally hang your hat where the buffalo roam. By adding the sites above to your Wyoming RV itinerary, you’ll be well equipped to see much of what Wyoming has to offer. 

This post was contributed by the team at Outdoorsy.

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