One of the joys of traveling to a new place is getting to explore it through your taste buds. Bold flavors, unique options, hearty classics. The adventures of food can be exciting and satisfying for the body and soul.

Northeast Wyoming does not disappoint when it comes to fun and flavorful food. With some culinary classics, like steakhouses and pizza cafes, but with fun modern twists, unique flavors, and fresh ingredients – it is sure to delight any foodie’s taste buds.

Taking a culinary tour of Northeast Wyoming should be on your bucket list. Here are a few of my favorite eats throughout Casper, Buffalo, Gillette and Sheridan:

Breakfast to Bank On

Eggingtons: 229 E. 2nd St., Suite 200, Casper

Homestyle food at its finest. When we arrived to eat at Eggingtons the line was out the door and I wondered if it could possibly live up to the hype a line like that creates. Well, it sure did. Not only was the food delicious and indulgent, but the whole vibe of the place from the friendly wait staff to the cozy booths and tables, made it worth the wait. Even with the long line, the wait was minimal, and the food came out fast and fresh!

The menu features sweet and savory favorites, classic comfort foods, and some indulgent dishes worth a second bite.

I recommend the Berry French Toast and the Eggs Benedict, but from a look at the happy faces on customers throughout the diner, you are sure to enjoy whatever you order at Eggingtons.

The Busy Bee Cafe: Located inside The Occidental Hotel, 10 N. Main St., Buffalo

The darling Busy Bee Cafe is exactly what you would expect when entering a small town in Wyoming, with taxidermy on the walls and a clear bee motif in the decor, it is small town charm personified. When I walked through the door, I was greeted with a friendly smiling face, and was told to “sit anywhere.” The server was attentive and helpful in making menu recommendations and the food was delicious!

The menu features classic comfort foods and your traditional breakfast foods. One item caught my eye – Cinnamon Roll French Toast, I was told that it is their classic cinnamon roll, cut in half, then battered and fried into french toast. After worrying it would be too sweet, I was assured it wasn’t because they skipped the frosting. I opted to try it and didn’t regret it a bit. It had a nice, crisp outside with a tender interior. The cinnamon, while subtle, was present and not too sweet at all.

Though if you want something more savory, the classic breakfast with eggs, homestyle potatoes, toast, and bacon or sausage was delicious. The eggs are cooked to order and the bacon is perfectly crispy. Everything was done right!

The Main Bagel Company: 2610 S. Douglas Hwy #170, Gillette

If you want a New York style bagel in Wyoming, this is the place to go. Not only do they have a number of delicious bagels to choose from, The Main Bagel offers a wide variety of menu items, from omelets to breakfast sandwiches, and more.

This unassuming bagel shop is in a strip mall, and seems run of the mill, but came highly recommended so I thought I would give it a go – I was not disappointed. The bagels were the closest I have ever tried to the acclaimed New York bagel outside the state; chewy, soft and crispy on the outside!  I am so glad that I visited, not only was everyone welcoming and helpful, but the food was amazing.

I suggest trying a Breakfast Bagel, it is the bagel flavor of your choice alongside eggs, peppers and cheese. Sounds simple, but it is fresh, delicious and the perfect combination of flavors. If you want to add a little something sweet, try the cinnamon and sugar bagel with their special cream cheese frosting. Ah-ma-zing!


Silver Spur Cafe: 832 N. Main St., Sheridan

Hands down the best breakfast I have had in years was from the Silver Spur Cafe. You might have to wait to get seated in this little restaurant, but it is well worth the wait. The establishment was small yet cozy, filled with Old West décor. The servers were efficient and helpful, and the food was incredible.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and get a cinnamon roll, if you can, they might sell out of them before you get a chance to order one. The cinnamon rolls are big enough to share, but you probably won’t want to. They are the softest, fluffiest, most incredible cinnamon rolls. I am still trying to figure out how they got them so soft. And they come doused in a sweet cinnamon-like glaze that makes them oh so decadent, and extremely delicious. There is no traditional icing or cream cheese frosting on these cinnamon rolls. You don’t need it. They are served warm!

Again, if you are looking for savory, there are plenty of options that will please the palate. The breakfast burrito is another I recommend, as it is loaded with potatoes, chopped up bacon, eggs, and more. It is filling, hearty, and oh so yummy.

Lunches to Love

Branding Iron – C85 Group: 129 W. 2nd St., Casper

The Branding Iron is known for their burgers. Oh boy was the Kona Burger delicious, I would go so far as to say if you want a great burger, it is THE place to eat in Casper.

The Kona was sweet and savory with a perfectly cooked and juicy beef patty. The patty was sauced with teriyaki, topped with cream cheese (a surprise I loved), grilled pineapple, and a jalapeno coleslaw, all served up on a jalapeno bun.

I like a little heat but was worried it might be too much with a jalapeno coleslaw and a jalapeno bun, but don’t let the jalapeno defer you. It wasn’t too spicy, rather I’d describe it as flavorful. Lastly, I recommend pairing it with the sweet potato fries. They are waffle fries that are sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar. Delicious!

Pizza Carrello: 601 S Douglas Hwy, Gillette, WY 82716

Wood fired pizza ovens are the heart of Pizza Carrello and they sure know what they’re doing. From pizzas to spinach dips and even wings, they use the wood fired oven to its finest.

The clean, hip restaurant offers delightful food that incorporates fresh ingredients. The large menu provides a variety of unique flavor combinations, so you are sure to find something for everyone.

Every bite at Pizza Carrello was fantastic and so was the staff. When I snuck over to take a peek at the process and check out the firestone pizza oven, the line cook was more than happy to show me around. He went above and beyond, sharing some of the restaurant’s history, then taking me out back to see the original pizza oven that was homemade by the owner, which is still being used for catering.

This is a must eat stop for foodies!


Frackelton’s: 55 N. Main St., Sheridan

Distinctive charm and fine food is what you get at Frackelton’s. Whether you want to have a fun lunch with friends or to have a business meeting, the comfortable atmosphere and delicious food make this a great place to dine.

The food is fresh and beautifully plated making it a feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. The service was great – everyone was helpful, friendly and happy to share tidbits about the history of the restaurant and surrounding area, as well as their menu recommendations.

The pasta was delicious, but if you feel like trying something new, my suggestion is to ask what the market special is for the day and to give it a try. Make sure to indulge on some truffle fries for the table, they are beautifully seasoned and just the right amount of crispy and soft.

Dinner To “Dine” For

The Virginian Restaurant: Located inside The Occidental Hotel, 10 N. Main St., Buffalo

The Virginian Restaurant is a fine dining steakhouse, with white tablecloths and mood lighting, offering history, charm and cozy little nooks to tuck away in for a romantic meal.

While the atmosphere is delightful, so is the food. Fresh, well-seasoned and beautifully cooked, there wasn’t a thing on my plate that I didn’t love. The vegetables were cooked to crisp and tender perfection, my steak was perfectly done to my request, and the mashed potatoes were creamy and fluffy, just like I like them.

When you get done eating a fantastic meal at The Virginian, you can slip next door for some live music, great drinks and a fun atmosphere in the saloon at The Occidental Hotel.

Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana: 430 S. Ash St., Casper

Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana is a gem in Casper that offers Naples style pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. They use hickory wood for a lovely flavor in their pizza ovens, which can get up to 800-900 degrees.

One thing that’s important to know before you go: how to eat this type of pizza for maximum flavor intake. The thin crust is airy and flavorful, best eaten folded over and enjoyed Napli style. So go ahead, fold that crust over so that you get your toppings sandwiched between thin layers of crust. Yum!

One ordering suggestion: Add a house salad, it is perfectly dressed and has lovely greens.

The Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar: 1205 S. Douglas Hwy., Gillette

A fantastic steak house with an extensive wine selection, The Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar in Gillette is an excellent stop for dinner.

Of course, with a name like “The Prime Rib” it only makes sense to order Prime Rib from the menu and I could not have been happier with it. The cut was thick, juicy, flavorful and perfectly cooked, plus the sides were awesome too.

One ordering suggestion is to get the guacamole made at your table. Not only is it a fun experience, but it is very tasty. Since it’s made at your table, they ask you to taste it so they can adjust the seasonings to your preference. It is served with hot chips and is good enough to be featured in a Mexican restaurant!

But the biggest surprise on the menu to me was the Shrimp Tortellini. It. Was. So. Good! So whether you love steaks or not, you are sure to find something delicious on the menu at The Prime Rib.

Cocktails & Confections

Donells Candies, Inc.: 201 E. 2nd St. #2, Casper

If you are looking for a fun way to indulge a sweet tooth, be sure to stop by the family-run Donells Candies, Inc Donells Candies, Inc. in Casper, owned and operated since 1956. This lovely candy shop has lots of amazing goodies to tempt your sweet tooth, from gourmet popcorn to handmade chocolates. For an extra special treat, they have ice cream, too! Depending on the time of day you get there, you might even be able to see them making some of their fine confections.

Donells Candies, Inc

FireRock Steakhouse: 6100 E. 2nd St., Casper

Now you might be wondering why a steakhouse has made the list for sweets on this foodie’s favorites but let me tell you… FireRock Steakhouse has an incredible dessert menu! With apple cobbler, mango key lime pie and a chocolate cake that is so big it is meant to be shared (but so good you won’t want to), I couldn’t leave this restaurant off my list of recommendations.

The food is great and absolutely worth a visit, but don’t you dare leave without dessert!

Backwards Distillery: 214 S Wolcott St, Casper, WY 82601

Backwards Distillery is a family run company with really fun cocktails and a hip, fun atmosphere, inspired by the owners’ love for the circus. It is a place you want to go and just hang out with friends. The interior is perfectly decorated and so inviting, just like the owners and staff. The mixologists are friendly and really know their stuff.

The menu is designed to get more creative, with bolder combinations as you progress through the pages. The cocktails feature their locally distilled spirits and are beautifully garnished with fun ingredients such as roasted marshmallows and cinnamon sticks.

Cocktail Suggestion: Try the Big Top—their signature cocktail combines Vodka, grapefruit juice, lime juice, tarragon and bitters!

The Historic Occidental Saloon: 10 N. Main St., Buffalo

With live music and tons of history, the Historic Occidental Saloon is a fun place to kick back, relax and have a drink. The imposing back bar with stained glass accents has been restored and preserved, keeping a bit of history alive from when this saloon housed rowdy crowds, high stake poker games, and the occasional shoot up! Just look up, you can still see some of the original bullet holes.

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