From dinos to fish bones, Wyoming is a fossil hunter’s paradise. Explore different places around the state that provide you with the opportunity to dig and mine for these unique relics. From the lush Medicine Bow Forest to the hot springs in Thermopolis and the remnants of an ancient lake each area is hiding its own treasures. 

Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Dig Sites

Located in Thermopolis the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a world-class facility. They have one of the largest collections of dinosaur bones and other specimen in the world and are still adding to it. After touring the facility, you can join them at one of their deposit rich strata sites.  If you discover a new bone, it will be housed at the center with your name, the bone and the location recorded in their bone registry. This program is open to all ages. Children under 18 will need a parent or guardian. 

Tate Geological Museum

If you want a more intense experience, try signing up for a Tate Dinosaur Safari. The safari lasts a week, it includes lodging, transportation, meals and dig fees. This week-long trip is led by the museum’s field operations and prep lab manager. As an expert in their field, you will enjoy a fully immersive experience at one of two dig sites: Lusk or Medicine Bow. Any material collected will remain the property of the Tate Geological Museum. Usually, you will get a few bone samples to bring home. 

Fossil Basin

While you may not find dinosaurs in this area located just outside of Kemmerer, you will find a 52-million-year-old limestone graveyard. Here you will find the remnants of Lake Gosiute which contains fish, turtles, crocodiles, insects, mammals and much more. Start with a visit to Fossil Butte National Monument, then reserve a spot with one of seven tour guide companies to dig for your fossil to take home. Each company differs in its price and discovery rules.

No matter the area, fossil digging in the Cowboy State is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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