Historic Mine Byways

Wyoming’s rich history and epic road trips combine in these historic mine byways. Discover the importance of mining and energy extraction to Wyoming’s past and present on these historic mine byways throughout the state. Mining is a part of Wyoming’s development and history and these road trips take through significant sites in the state. The Black Gold Byway takes visitors through areas rich with oil fields including the Shannon, Teapot Dome and Salt Creek fields in central Wyoming. Or, travel the Black Diamond trail in Sheridan County that takes you through the physical remains of the once bustling mining communities. Each byway has a significant story from Wyoming’s past or present. 

Black Diamond Historic Mine Trail

Located just north of Sheridan off WY-338, this 15-mile historic trail features the historic coal camps that helped establish the area. Follow interpretive signs that explain the importance of these coal mines that were booming the the early 1900s.

Black Gold Byway

This central-Wyoming byway takes visitors through several oil fields that brought settlers to the area during the oil boom of the early 1900s. The Black Gold Byway follows WY-259 and WY-387 off I-25 just north of Casper and features some of the most important oil fields in the United States.

Gold Flakes to Yellowcake Historic Mine Trail

The Gold Flakes to Yellowcake Historic Mine Trail travels west from the Gold Flakes Region of South Pass City east to the Yellowcake Region of Jeffrey city, for a route that spans about 75 miles. The Gold Flakes Region contains the state’s only developed gold mines and was the first of Wyoming’s long tradition of mineral boom and bust cycles and features ghost towns and old mines that let you walk through history.

South Pass City to Waltman Historic Mine Byway

This trail spans nearly 130 miles east to west from Waltman to South Pass City, following County Rd 212, County Rd 5 and Hwy-287. It begins in the Gold Flakes Region of South Pass City, Miner’s Delight and Atlantic City before linking to the uranium mines of the Crooks Gap and Gas Hills districts in Fremont County.

Trona Trail Historic Mine Byway

The Trona trail was developed around the town of Green River and extends west via I-80. This trail passes through an area with the largest and purest deposit of trona in the world, which supplies all of he United States’ soda ash needs.