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Immerse yourself in Wyoming's Native American Culture.

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11 Incredible Experiences on the Wind River Indian Reservation

A combination of ancient culture and modern times, Wind River Indian Reservation provides visitors with a true blend of yesterday and today, perfectly illustrating how history bleeds into and blends with our everyday. Th...


Telling Unexpected Stories through Art: Q&A with Robert Martinez

Intro paragraph Where in Wyoming do you live and why do you choose to live there? I live in the central Wyoming, uh, on the Wind River Reservation, and I choose to live here because my family’s been here for many gener...


Learn about Cultures Past & Present at these Native American Sites

Native American culture has long been engrained in Wyoming and remains an important part of the state’s makeup. Many Plains Indian tribes, including the Arapaho, Arikara, Bannock, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros Ventre...


Bear Lodge: The Sacred Legend of Devils Tower

Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) is a Sacred Site for Thousands Devils Tower — the iconic monolith in northeastern Wyoming — juts straight into the air, rising 1200 feet out of the grasslands near the Belle Fourche River. F...


Preserving the Shoshone Language: Q&A with Lynette St. Clair

Part of what makes Wyoming such a culturally rich destination is its Native American heritage, both past and present. Wyoming is home to two tribes – the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone – which have members wor...