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Wyoming’s pristine rivers attract thrill seekers looking for whitewater rafting and outdoor lovers who prefer a scenic float. No matter what your preference, you’ll find a guide and a stretch of river suited for you in Wyoming. With world-class waters from the Snake River in the west, the North Platte River spanning the central and eastern portion of the state, the Bighorn River in the north and the Green River in the south, Wyoming is home to endless opportunities to float, raft, kayak and canoe. Embarking on a scenic river trip with your family means one thing: relaxation. Along with an experienced guide and a serene state of mind, this is your chance to marvel at nature and take it nice and easy on the water. You can also schedule a float trip and cast a reel with an experienced fishing guide. Wyoming is home to canyons and stretches of river with whitewater offering enough bounce and splash for even the most thrill-seeking rafters. And if you’ve never rafted before? Not to worry. Experienced guides who are passionate about whitewater will teach you everything you’ll need to know.

Boaters floating on water in Fremont Canyon

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Rafters navigating white waters

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