Cowboy up for a wild adventure at the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, where our hosts get a behind-the-scenes tour of the rodeo and make the most of Cheyenne Frontier Days. We witness the heart-pumping action of bronc riding, bull riding, and barrel racing, and get an exclusive look at the animals’ care. No visit to CFD is complete without a visit to the Native American Village and fueling up at the world-famous pancake breakfast. Celebrate the “Daddy of ‘em all” and all that downtown Cheyenne has to offer.

I’m not there yet but we’re heading to Cheyenne it’s a state capital biggest town in Wyoming but we’re going to like the cream of the crop in terms of events Cheyenne Frontier Days cfd Cheyenne Frontier Days we’re getting close yep daddy of them all yep world’s largest outdoor Rodeo that’s cool what uh what am I expecting here what’s coming up so you got the classic and the the Superstar with the bull riding but there’s steer open barrel racing also it’s cool Rodeo stuff Carnival there Carnival all sorts of stuff concerts concerts got a Native American village awesome a lot of stuff to do yeah a lot of stuff to do be a true Western experience it’s uh funny then that we’re spending so much time out here not getting there no we’re getting this loaded but surely more slowly than anything I think it’s right over the ridge I don’t what Ridge they’re all riches relax

howdy howdy all right howdy and welcome to 126th daddy of them all Cheyenne Frontier Days the first Frontier Days occurred in 1897. it was a one-day event they didn’t have shoots yet then there was no eight second timer either so he had to ride either until he got pitched off or until the horse quit bucket this took quite a while and since there were no lights in the arena turned out to be the only event they completed in the first part two days with that are you ready to go behind the shoots all right look at this yeah man we’re on the grounds

2000 animal athletes the animals are checked each and every morning if they are not healthy they do not need this is pretty awesome so anybody can do this behind the shoots tour that’s really neat just get tickets for this no no

must be Heather hey howdy hi how are you nice to meet you I’m Dr Heather Schneider I am the arena of veterinarian here at Cheyenne for interior days people come to the rodeo they see the Cowboys to see the cowgirls look they think oh those are the athletes the animals are kind of the real athletes well it makes sense I mean they’re the star attraction without animals nothing happens and we’re looking at some of these Behemoth bowls but they’re not up here stressed out they’re not kicking they’re not bucking they’re actually just relaxing eating drinking some water it’s kind of a misnomer that these animals are just always amped up they’re they’re performers they are performers so a lot of people think that these are young horses but there is a horse here named deep water he is 18 years old and he has been [ __ ] his entire life and that all comes from great preventative care from being loved from being nurtured very incredible very cool great companionship I still can’t get over the size of this PC monster he’s a monster all right here we are grounds of Legends

that’s what it feels like foreign like how long do you think you’d last um I don’t know how long does it take to open the door you would be in the air being flipped longer than you were on the ball exactly right yeah yeah oh

you should probably get decked out we’re gonna look for a cowboy let’s do this yeah okay Jim here we are downtown Cheyenne your hometown correct we are ready to play Cowboys but I don’t think we look like Cowboys I mean I grew a mustache I tried to grow a mustache it didn’t work but I got halfway there you know there’s no better place I think than the Wrangler to get outfitted and some fancy Duds if you’re looking to get cowboyed up rango’s just about to do it thank you partner

there’s a lot of cool shops down here there are yeah yeah the downtown’s uh getting built up pretty nicely it’s all like local kind of like Mom and Pop type of storefronts so we got the Lincoln used to be an old kind of second showing theater converted to a music venue it’s just kind of like regenerated that uh that old theater this is kind of a pop-up like art installation awesome yeah and we’re coming across the plains Hotel very historic it’s kind of the staple of downtown Cheyenne everybody knows the planes right out in the corner right across from the plaza all right what’s next all right

we traded the rodeo I reckon it’s that way let’s go you ready for this I’m ready it’s gonna be awesome let’s do it all right giddy up it’s pretty awesome

you know our nickname the daddy of them all that comes from the Cowboys it wasn’t a marketing thing from us we didn’t name ourselves that that was what the Cowboys always called us from ever since I can remember they they refer to us as just the daddy everybody in the rodeo world knows what the daddy is people come here as a bucket list competing in Italian frontier days is a bucket list for Cowboys singing on our stage is a bucket list for the major country music stars in the world and they’ve all been here would you say that cfd is a celebration of Western history and culture absolutely it’s a and that’s what we try to do is bring people back to you know through our old Frontier Town at the Native American village celebrating the west and how about how America started and how they got to where they are and being able to go back and kind of relive that is is is what we try to do a complete Western celebration laughs

if you come on out I will guarantee you’ll be feeling good and you will walk away with a smile on your face I tell you what this is called the round dance our friendship dance we want to say thank you to each and every one of you here here we go ladies and gentlemen and if you see it you’re more than welcome to come on out anytime you want

are you doing [Applause] [Applause]

all right put your hands together ladies and gentlemen there you go everything

can you try and look like an athlete oh I’m sorry

all right this is it we’re all done finale Grand Finale we’re going through old town yep we hit that pretty amazing we hit the rodeo Rodeo we hit downtown downtown we got pancakes concerts concerts activities events attractions all sorts of stuff there’s so much to do during cfp it really is a cultural experience this is Cheyenne this is gonna be a tough to beat we’re gonna try I think so

we’re on a homemade train about to feed some bison with our bare hands much better than that where else can we do that nowhere

thank you

this is awesome oh yeah look at that

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