From the Bighorn Mountain Range to the area’s oldest cowboy bar, Sheridan is a city with a little something for everyone.

Outdoor adventurers, nature lovers, and Wild West fanatics will find themselves right at home in this quintessential Wyoming landscape.

The Best 12 Things to Do in Sheridan

The thrill of cattle roping, one of the exciting things to do in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Outdoor adventure and cowboy experiences are among the exciting things to do in Sheridan, Wyoming.

1. King’s Saddlery & Museum

Explore western artifacts and saddles at King's Saddlery & Museum, one of the top attractions in Sheridan, Wyoming.
The rich history of the Wild West is at King’s Saddlery & Museum in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Part of Wyoming’s draw is getting a slice of cowboy life for yourself, and in Sheridan, that’s as easy as stopping by King’s Saddlery & Museum. This classic city haunt is a national legend, and it’s easy to see why — from artwork to saddles, artifacts to genuine wagons, the Museum houses an enormous collection of items that spell out the history of the Wild West.

Stop in while you’re in town, and don’t miss your chance to see their resident jackalope.

2. The Historic Sheridan Inn

Statue dancing in front of The Historic Sheridan Inn, a popular attraction and a thing to do in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Enjoy the lively atmosphere at The Historic Sheridan Inn, where even the statues come to life.

Steeped in history and meticulously maintained, the Historic Sheridan Inn allows guests to travel back in time — at least for a few nights.

Once co-owned by the world-famous Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, the Inn is comprised of 22 rooms, each named after someone important to Buffalo Bill and decorated according to their specific story. Make it a point to turn your Wyoming getaway into a bit of a live-in museum. Pick your dates, pick a cowboy or cowgirl, and experience their world the way they did.

3. Mint Bar

The Mint Bar, an iconic thing to do in the style of a cowboy bar in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Step back in time and experience the authentic cowboy spirit at The Mint Bar in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The best part of a night out in Wyoming is topping it off at a genuine cowboy bar, and the oldest bar in Sheridan is here to deliver that experience to you. Part retro daydream and part Western rancher haven, The Mint Bar came to be in 1907 and has been the city’s most popular hangout ever since.

They’ve got taxidermy decor, black and white rodeo photos and a list of spirits fit for any cowhand. It’s the kind of place where you’re sure to hear some wild stories and leave with a few of your own. Stop in and find out why The Mint Bar is the stuff of legend.

4. The Brinton Museum

The spirit of the West is captured in art, history and a loving respect for nature. When you visit Sheridan, there’s one place to experience all of the above: The Brinton Museum.

From the postcard-level beauty of the Historic Brinton Ranch House to an exceptional collection of Native American artwork, sculptures and photographs, the Brinton allows you to fully appreciate the bold beauty of the Western way of life. Best of all? Admission is free to the public.

5. Big Horn Polo Club

Summer sports are alive and well, and there’s nothing like the thrill of a front-row seat watching all of the action in real-time. In Sheridan, that means it’s time for polo at Big Horn Polo Club.

Performed on horseback, this high-speed sport is a test of skill and strategy, but the matches offer fun and excitement for the whole family, whether or not they are polo fanatics. Treat yourself to a cocktail at the Clubhouse Bar, explore the food trucks waiting with delicious goodies, or have some fun at a tailgate party in the great outdoors.

6. Bighorn National Forest

A winding road carving its way through Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming.
Bighorn National Forest is the perfect location for adventurers looking to experience the mountains.

Bordering the towns of Greybull, Buffalo, and Sheridan, the Bighorn National Forest is a breathtaking landscape filled to the brim with outdoor adventure. The forest is open year-round, so no matter when you visit, there is always something exciting for the whole family to do.

Observe all that is naturally rough and rugged in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, ride ATVs or take a hike over rocky terrain. If you’re vacationing in the winter, you will find ample opportunity for skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

7. WYO Performing Arts and Education Center

If you think Wyoming is all cowboys and ranch hands, you haven’t been to Sheridan yet! The WYO Performing Arts and Education Center is a multi-purpose venue, providing community access to off-Broadway shows, live music, opera, dance and so much more.

This cultural hub is centrally located in downtown Sheridan in a 1920s building lovingly restored to its original glory. Beyond just catching a show, the WYO provides theater, acting, and filmmaking classes to local students, keeping a love of the arts alive from generation to generation.  

8. Crazy Woman Trading Company

There’s nothing quite like the shopping experience you get at a locally-owned boutique, and in Sheridan, you can’t go wrong with Crazy Woman Trading Company.

Founded in the late ’90s by local entrepreneur Linda Fauth, the shop’s cheeky name comes from that of a Big Horn-area creek and is home to hoodies, T-shirts and accessories displaying the moniker. In addition to clothing, you can also find souvenirs and home goods while you browse, but there is one thing that cannot be missed: the Crazy Woman Chili Mix is an award-winner and tastebud-pleaser, giving you genuine Wyoming flavor when you head back home.  

9. Trail End State Historic Site

Trail End State Historic Site standing on a sunny summer day.
Trail End State Historic Site offers visitors the chance to travel back to the early 20th century.

What could be better than returning to the past with a taste of Jazz Age opulence? The Trail End State Historic Site in Sheridan paints a vivid picture of luxury in the early 1900s, allowing you to stroll through what was once the home of a Wyoming real estate and ranching tycoon.

Observe their personal belongings, admire the construction of the home and the styles popular at that time to leave with a better understanding of what the high life was like back in the day.

10. Weston Wineries 307

Women laugh and enjoy glasses of wine at Western Wineries 307 wine bar, a popular place to go in Sheridan.

If you love sipping a delicious glass of wine in an ambiance that’s anything but ordinary, look no further than downtown Sheridan.

Weston Wineries 307 wine bar is located in a former bank building on North Main, and in addition to cozy chairs to lounge on, you’re welcome to visit their tasting room in the bank’s old vault. Treat your tastebuds to a selection of Wyoming’s own wine and feel free to grab a bottle to take home with you.

11. Museum at the Bighorns

From coal mining to prehistoric fossils, the history of Sheridan and the Bighorns has had an enormous impact on Wyoming and the world today.

The Museum at the Bighorns celebrates all this through permanent exhibits and a revolving roster of limited-time presentations highlighting agricultural advancements, town history, archaeology and so much more. Don’t forget to check their events calendar for upcoming cemetery tours, family days and their “History After Dark” series.

12. Fly Shop of the Bighorns

Undoubtedly, the Bighorn National Forest is a prime destination for anglers nationwide. If you’re hoping to take advantage of some time on the water while you’re in Sheridan, you may need some gear.

Look no further than the impressive selection and expert staff at Fly Shop of the Bighorns. In addition to top-tier fly fishing equipment, the shop employees provide guided tour services and classes, providing a wealth of knowledge to locals and visitors alike so everyone can feel confident on their Wyoming fishing trip.

FAQ: Things to Do in Sheridan, WY

One interesting fact about Sheridan, Wyoming, is that it is located halfway between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.

While there is no museum exclusively for guns in Sheridan, the city is home to The Don King Museum, which features many firearms throughout Wyoming’s history.

Sheridan, Wyoming, is famous for its mining history, golf courses, The Historic Sheridan Inn, The Brinton Museum, King’s Saddlery & Museum and Bighorn National Forest.

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The city of Sheridan is proud cowboy territory, with enough outdoor adventure and Wild West fun to make any visitor say, “Yeehaw!” Don’t wait — book your trip today.

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