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Western Culture

Skijoring in Wyoming: What is it & Where Can You Watch?

Rodeo may be Wyoming’s official sport, but skijoring is the state’s unofficial winter sport. It is a uniquely Western athletic and cultural phenomenon.  The sport combines two of Wyoming’s favorite pastimes: skiin...


Longmire: Discover the Destinations that Inspired the Series

The author behind Longmire might have set the hit series in a fictional part of Wyoming, but the wide-open, wild west feel of Absaroka County is anything but made up in the Cowboy State. Discover where author Craig Johns...


A stronghold of Wyoming history.

Oh, if the walls could talk. Fort Laramie National Historic Site would have some stories. Wild, western stories....


Cowboy State Pop-Culture Itinerary

Wyoming’s diverse landscapes and authentic frontier towns have served as the inspiration for unique stories of the past and present. You can follow in the footsteps of television stars, old western legends and more on ...


5 Reasons to Stay at a Wyoming Dude & Guest Ranch

Not only do Wyoming’s many ranches let visitors play cowboy for a week, but they also offer activities and amenities to suit every traveler — not to mention postcard-caliber scenery around every bend....


7 Must-Visit Cultural and Historic Sites in Wyoming

Wyoming’s cultural heritage is far more vibrant and diverse than some classic Westerns suggest. From Evanston’s Chinatown to the melting pot of Rock Springs’ coal mining community, international influence played a ...


The Secret Behind Wyoming’s Signature Spirit: Whiskey

Napa Valley has their wine. Louisville their bourbon. But Wyoming? Well, Wyoming has whiskey. Wyoming Whiskey is a staple among locals and visitors alike, and the bronze libation has never been more sought after. Whether...


Wild Horses in Wyoming

Wild horses have always been symbols of the West, living examples of a wide-open landscape and an untamed frontier spirit. Horses were first seen in this country about 10,000 years ago, but for unknown reasons became ext...