That's WY StorIes

Stories from locals and travelers who’ve been inspired by Wyoming.


Artist George Bumann

George Bumann is an artist and naturalist working in what is arguably the best studio in the world—Yellowstone National Park....


The Healing Power of Nature

Scaling the side of a mountain isn’t an activity most would describe as “comforting.” Especially when the only things preventing a free fall are your own hands, feet and a harness. But some people crave the challen...


Screen Door Porch

Every setting has a sound – a unique energy that vibrates through the streets and whistles in the trees. So what’s the song of the Grand Tetons? What tunes do Wyoming’s rivers and historic western towns inspire? Th...


Wild Horses in Wyoming

Wild horses have always been symbols of the West, living examples of a wide-open landscape and an untamed frontier spirit. Horses were first seen in this country about 10,000 years ago, but for unknown reasons became ext...