Ice Skating

There is nothing that incites the feeling of a winter wonderland than ice skating on a beautiful winter day in Wyoming. In Wyoming, you can visit indoor ice rinks all year round. So if you’re looking for a cool down on a hot summer day we’ve got you covered. But the true wonderland comes alive in the winter when several destinations have temporary outdoor community ice rinks. When the temperature dips, Cheyenne is known for turning part of the downtown Depot Plaza into a community rink and Jackson will convert a section of the Town Square into a skating rink. 

With hundreds of lakes in Wyoming and cold winter temperatures, many area lakes will freeze enough for a skate in nature. Always check with local authorities, the forest or park service, Wyoming Game & Fish or lakeside marinas. Use caution at all times and be aware of current conditions. 

Ice Skating on Jackson Hole Town Square
Ice Skating on Jackson Hole Town Square


Ice Skating Listings

City of Cheyenne Events Center Cheyenne, WY View Website
Casper Ice Arena Casper, WY View Website
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