Working Ranches

Working ranches are currently operating ranches that offer their visitors a taste of what real life is like on a Wyoming ranch. These are working cattle or sheep operations.  Your horseback riding adventures will be determined by the ranch’s livestock and the work related to them.  Be prepared to experience these activities first hand as you’ll get to live-out what its like to be a part of an authentic working ranch during your stay.

During your trip planning don’t forget that Wyoming is home to the very first National Park: Yellowstone. Plus, we have the first National Monument: Devils Tower. In total, the state boasts an impressive 25 National Historic Landmarks and 11 nationally recognized recreation areas, trails and monuments.

View all of Wyoming’s working ranches below.


Dude Ranches Listings

Vee Bar Guest Ranch Laramie, WY View Website
Darwin Ranch Cora, WY View Website
Double Rafter Ranch Cattle Drives Parkman, WY View Website
Dryhead Ranch Lovell, WY View Website
Elk Creek Ranch Cody, WY View Website
Wyoming Hospitality & Outdoor Adventures (WHOA) Douglas, WY View Website
Triangle X Ranch Jackson Hole, WY View Website
7D Ranch Cody, WY View Website
Double Diamond X Ranch Cody, WY View Website
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