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Learn about Wyoming’s changemakers at the Wyoming Women’s History House. Located in downtown Laramie, Wyoming, you can tour the Wyoming Women’s History House for a small fee. Learn about why Wyoming is called the Equality State. Laramie’s own Louisa Swain was the first woman to vote in Wyoming. September 6th in Wyoming is designated as Louisa Swain Day, the day she cast the first female vote under laws giving women and men fully equal voting rights in 1870. Mrs. Martha Symons Boies was the first woman in the world to be appointed a court bailiff of record, she was appointed to serve to the Laramie City, Wyoming court in March 1870. Additionally, six women were summoned on that day to sit alongside 10 men on the first female jury. This marked the first time in the history of the world that women were given the opportunity to serve their community in such a manner. Call ahead to ensure there is a tour available during your trip.

The Wyoming House for Historic Women contains displays of the thirteen honored women and is the site to various conferences and lectures pertaining to women's history and issues.

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317 S. 2nd Street

Laramie, WY, 82070

(307) 399-9571

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