Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway

America’s Western Hero

It’s the stuff of legends. William Frederick Cody, aka Buffalo Bill, was once one of the most recognized people in the world. His Wild West Show was featured at Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, and only the Egyptians rivaled the attention paid to Bill at the Chicago World’s Fair. Following a rather humble start in Iowa, Canada, and Kansas, Cody became a Pony Express rider at age 15. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War, receiving a Congressional Medal of Honor in 1872 for his service as a scout during the Indian wars. His first show performance as the character of the “Scout of the Prairie” brought to life his exploration of the remote terrain surrounding Yellowstone National Park, at the Old Glory Blowout, July 4, 1882. The following year, he unveiled Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, featuring Annie Oakley, “Wild Bill” Hickok, bronco riding, roping, and other rodeo skills. After a successful tour of the United States and a special invite to England, he quickly rose to international fame. More than two decades later, Cody returned to found the town. Fortunately, his success, fame, and vision enabled Cody to bring attention to Western causes, including the rights of Native Americans and women, the conservation of Western lands, and the destruction of bison herds. Winding through the Shoshone National Forest on routes that Cody traveled, you’ll be exploring the same remote rugged terrain he loved so much. The drive, filled with wildlife and stunning views, ends at Yellowstone National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the United States – or on earth for that matter.

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6 Days | 5 Nights

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Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway

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Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway

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