Full of historical wonders and modern-day attractions, Casper, Wyoming, is a living ode to the Western way of life.

Located in the center of the Cowboy State, Casper retains its original spirit of freedom, inviting you to garner a new appreciation for where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

The Best Things to Do in Casper

A great winter thing do to do with family is ice skating in downtown Casper, WY.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Casper, Wyoming, with a diverse range of activities that showcase its rich heritage and vibrant modern attractions.

1. Tate Geological Museum at Casper College

Whether you’re an earth science guru or simply have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College is here to bring the past into your present.

Spotlighting discoveries in the fields of paleontology, mineralogy and geology, the Museum is packed full of bones, fossils, and other fascinating artifacts uncovered from the earth, gifting visitors a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with amazing prehistoric creatures (including Dee the Mammoth, an original Western settler)!

If you want to try your hand at paleontology, look at the schedule for Tate Dinosaur Safaris — week-long digs that pair the public with experts and let them get their own hands dirty.

2. National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Take a moment during your visit to Casper to honor Wyoming’s pivotal role in settling the West. The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center offers travelers seven impressive galleries to explore, each geared toward a different historical trail and the ideology behind them that inspired settlers to head out West.

Additionally, you can experience a stagecoach ride, explore what pushing a hand cart was like, and more with the Center’s combination of physical and virtual exhibits. There are also many festivals and events throughout the year that allow visitors to celebrate the settler’s westward movement and the lifestyles of the pioneers. The best part? Admission is completely free to the public.

3. Casper Mountain

A mountain biker traversing over some logs in the snowy forest, one of the many things to do on Casper Mountain.
Fat biking is a popular activity on Casper Mountain.

Calling all outdoorsy types: Casper Mountain has everything you want, all in one location. We’re talking about biking, hiking, strolling incredible mountain trails, and taking in the natural beauty of the forest, but that’s only the beginning. The best part of a trip to the Mountain is that there is something to do no matter what time of the year you visit.

The temperate warmth of spring is excellent for camping or a trip to the cascading Garden Creek Falls. Winter brings snowshoeing and skiing, fall sets the perfect tone for a breathtaking horseback ride, and summer is chock full of exciting festivals that serve as the ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors.

4. Hogadon Basin Ski Area

The history of Wyoming is rooted in freedom, representing Western settlers striving to live their lives their way. At Grand Teton National Park, another group is honored in the Mormon Row Historic District, founded by Mormon leadership in the late 1800s. Hitting the slopes spells cold-weather fun for the whole family, and that’s as true as can be in Casper.

The Hogadon Basin Ski Area is located on Casper Mountain, and with more than 25 trails at all skill levels, it’s an excellent place for all ski lovers, whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for years. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, stop by Scramble Food Court for a bite, and check out their special events if you happen to be visiting for a holiday. Get outside and let everyone have a little fun!

5. Fremont Canyon

It’s time to take your getaway up a notch (literally) at Fremont Canyon! Situated just a short drive from Casper on the North Platte River, the Canyon’s beautiful views display the river cutting through two high stone walls in an impressive feat of natural architecture.

Beyond the excellent fishing spots that the fabled river boasts, the Canyon is also an excellent place for outdoor photographs, an exciting kayak ride, or doing some serious mountain biking. For adrenaline-loving visitors, they also offer rock climbing at a variety of difficulty levels, letting you amp up your visit with some vertical motion.

6. Casper Events Center

While exploring the natural wonder that surrounds you in Wyoming, don’t forget that you can access a modern facility and all of the world-class entertainment you could ask for right in Casper.

The Casper Events Center (also known as the Ford Wyoming Center) hosts everything from trade shows to sporting events to popular concert tours each year. Whether it’s the latest show taking Broadway by storm, getting to see your favorite band play, or some good old-fashioned rodeo action, make sure you check what’s in town on your next vacation.

7. Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center

The Nicolaysen Art Museum
The Nicolaysen Art Museum building.

If you truly want to get a feel for the culture of a destination, the best way to do it is to immerse yourself in their communal creativity. In Casper, the Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center is an excellent way to do that. The Museum specializes in contemporary work from artists from across the globe, and places a spotlight on the incredible talent of local residents.

Stop in for their broad, rotating selection of exhibits, and be on the lookout for special events and art festivals they are in, such as NICFest in the summer.

8. Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site

A trip to Wyoming provides visitors an opportunity to gain a new appreciation of Western history, and there is plenty of it at the Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site. Situated near the North Platte River and well known for its significance in the movement of the area’s Historical Trails, Fort Caspar was an active military post over 150 years ago.

Today, the existing structures have been restored to period and include a museum devoted to the region’s significant past and its impact on the present day. Take a trip back to the era of the pioneers without ever leaving Casper.

9. Hell’s Half Acre

Located a short drive from the city of Casper lies a strange and visually stunning canyon with a most appropriate name. At first glance, Hell’s Half Acre has a bleached, almost snowy appearance, made up of jagged rock formations and ravines reminiscent of icebergs.

This rare marvel of geology has a rich Native American history, has been utilized in film as something otherworldly, and is the kind of spot you have to see to believe. Make sure to stop by on your tour of the city, and give your Instagram followers something to talk about with a post or two.

10. Fly Fishing on the North Platte River

Three people fly fishing on a boat, a popular activity on the North Platte River.
Fly fishing on the North Platte River.

There are few things more relaxing than a day on the waterfront, and if a bit of fly fishing is your way to unwind on vacation, look no further than the North Platte River. A combination of accommodating weather and natural elements makes the over 100 miles of the Blue Ribbon section ideal for fishing, particularly if you’re looking to catch a little trout.

The area is best known for brown and rainbow trout, but you don’t have to take our word for it — it has been recognized by American Angler Magazine as the “Number One Big Fish Destination.”

11. Independence Rock State Historic Site

Think of the largest rock you’ve ever seen, then make it bigger and give it enormous historical significance. That’s what you’ll find at the Independence Rock State Historic Site, an impressively large piece of granite etched with the stories of the past.

Once a symbol of progress in the settlement of the West, the rock is decorated with thousands of names with dates of pioneers that passed it on their way to their new homes. Once a beacon of hope, the rock now serves as a memorial to their brave journey.

12. David Street Station

Entertainment combines with Casper’s gorgeous Western backdrop at David Street Station, a multipurpose outdoor event space in the heart of the city’s downtown. Designed to foster community closeness through a shared space to get together, this all-season attraction serves as a park, concert venue, splash park (or ice rink in the winter months), movie theater and more.

The best part? Admission is always free, so check their event calendar the next time you’re in town, and make it a point to stop in for accessible, family-friendly fun.

FAQ: Things to Do in Casper, WY

The top attractions to visit in Casper are the Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center, the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, the Fort Caspar Museum, and the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College.

The best outdoor activities in Casper include the Hogadon Basin Ski Area, Casper Mountain, Independence Rock State Historic Site and Hell’s Half Acre.

Historically, Casper is best known as “The Oil City” due to its proximity to the biggest oil field in the state. Nowadays, it is known for its incredible fly fishing, beautiful landscape, and foodie scene.

In the colder months, visitors to Casper will find ample skiing and snowboarding, as well as snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, and more!

The city of Casper has a vibrant downtown area, complete with many options for dining, shopping, arts and culture, all with a historical backdrop.

Plan Your Visit to Casper Today

The magic of Casper is in the details, with every stone, fossil, and piece of art serving as a testament to the real American West. Get a feel for yourself. Find out more about planning your trip today.

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