Wyoming Named One of the Top 20 Tourism Boards in the World

In an ever-increasing competitive world of travel and tourism marketing, competition among destinations to garner consumer interest and attention is increasing. While travel information can be found among a variety of print and online outlets, tourism bureaus across the world are continuing to be innovative in the way they market. Flightnetwork.com recently did a piece on the top 20 tourism boards in the world and the Wyoming Office of Tourism snagged the number three spot on the list. Why was Wyoming selected? An exerpt from FlightNetwork.com said the following, “What this tourism bureau does well is know its audience. Individuals headed to Wyoming already understand its middle-of-nowhere reputation, and “That’sWY” does a remarkable job of putting a face (and voice) to sites that normally remain relegated to pretty screen savers.” 

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In addition, the Huffington Post recently listed Wyoming as one of the “9 Global Destinations the Locals Can’t Wait to Share With You.”