Upcoming Webinar Showcasing the new digital partner programs through the Wyoming Office of Tourism- May 25 at 9:00 AM MST

New TravelWyoming.com Partner Programs

Join Miles for a webinar showcasing the new digital partner programs through the Wyoming Office of Tourism.  As you know, the WOT spends $5.8M promoting the state, driving 2.45 million people to TravelWyoming.com who are actively planning a trip to Wyoming.

For many year’s we’ve known that a visitor’s path to travel is fragmented. The latest number reported by Expedia is that 140 sites are used in the trip-planning process from inspiration to booking, which makes understanding influence to sale incredibly complicated. We know that DMO sites like TravelWyoming.com influence bookings, whether directly or through third parties. The last study done by Millward Brown (underwritten by Expedia) showed that people were 31% more likely to book on Expedia if they came from a DMO website like TravelWyoming.com.

Miles will share a few trends around the American Traveler and how they are navigating the complex planning landscape and will round-out the webinar by showcasing our new digital partner programs including:

  1. NEW Re-targeting/Prospecting program:  We’ve partnered with Adara who gets first-party data from over 100 of the best travel brands including hotels and rental cars, allowing us to target a user who is actively searching for a flight, hotel or rental car in Wyoming.  We’ll also show your message to previous TravelWyoming.com site visitors through our re-targeting program and you’ll get incredible metrics showing what DMA’s and demo’s are pulling well.  We’ll also place pixels on your site to track conversions all the way down to room nights, length of stay and ADR for hotel partners.
  2. Video:  We know that video converts travelers.  Miles has created over 1,000 travel videos for Brand USA and now, offers video creation services and more importantly, robust distribution on TravelWyoming.com to partners.
  3. Content:  Leverage the expertise of Miles editorial team to write an experiential article about your offering that will be distributed on the TravelWyoming.com website which you will also own for use on your owned channels indefinitely.  Our team uses an enterprise search engine tool to inform the strategy of the article to ensure you get the most lift.
  4. Featured Listings:  Position your experience in premium placement on the most targeted pages on the site, where visitors are looking to convert.

Results from successful advertising come from getting in front of the right audience at the right time with the right offer and right media. TravelWyoming.com is a trusted partner with a qualified audience, a multitude of media options and clear reporting. We have several online products that can help you drive direct traffic, bring you more visitors and for our hospitality partners, book more direct room nights without the additional fees while increasing your ADR, and other KPIs.

We are here to architect the right campaign strategy for you. 

Please register for Wyoming Digital Partner Program Webinar on May 25, 2017 9:00 AM MDT at: 


We hope you’ll join us!

Contact: Jim WilkinsonTravel Media & Marketing Executive
Miles Partnership – The Official Marketing Partner for the Wyoming Office of Tourism
(307) 634-9960