Eclipse Fest Casper 2017


Event/Festival Director Services


Request for proposals for professional services to provide direction and oversight of all festivities with the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Casper, Wyoming.FOR FOR THE WYOMING ECLIPSE FESTIVAL (WEF) ADVISORY BOARD

Due 4:00 PM local Mountain Time, July 10, 2015




The Wyoming Eclipse Festival Advisory Board (“WEF”) is seeking qualification statements and service proposals from individuals, or organizations, specializing in professional services that provide direction and coordination of festivals. The proposals should be designed to provide the WEF with a clear understanding of the costs of the services to be performed which shall include a not to exceed price to complete the services requested. The services will require at least a two (2) year commitment. The specific nature of the scope of work for the project is outlined in this Request for Proposals(RFP). Individuals, or organizations,responding will be evaluated and a short list developed which may include formal interviews.

I. Introduction and Background

A total eclipse of the Sun has to be one of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring events of the natural world. Those who witness a total eclipse never forget it and for many it’s a once in a lifetime experience. This is the first times since 1979 that a total solar eclipse will be visible in contiguous states in America; there will be a total eclipse directly above Casper Wyoming for 2 minutes and 26 seconds on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Casper is located in Natrona County, near the center of the State of Wyoming. With a population close to 60,000, it is the second largest city in the State. It is anticipated that people will come from all over the world to experience this in Casper Wyoming with an estimated tourist influx of 50,000 to 80,000 people. We know that most lodging is already reserved for this epic event. Casper Wyoming will host the Astronomical League’s national conference as the eclipse path goes right through the city.

The WEF is seeking services from an individual, or organization, who will understand the culture of Casper, Wyoming and the importance this once in a lifetime event. The WEF is looking for an individual, or organization, who is a creative and visionary leader, which has a proven track record of being successful at directing and coordinating festivities and/or events.

The optimum timeframe to have a these services would be within the next three months. The Scope of Services includes collaborating with different agencies of local government, businesses, and the community, oversees and manages all aspects of Wyoming Eclipse festivities. The individual, or organization, shall provide the guarantee of its work.


II. Scope of Services

Periodic updates regarding the progress of these services shall be given to the designated individuals of the WEF. The individual, or organization, may be asked to participate in multiple meetings and is expected to deliver a complete response to this RFP.

The Wyoming Eclipse Festival (WEF) Advisory Board seeks qualified professionals to provide direction and oversight in a director type capacity and shall:

  • Provide a timeline and work plan for the management of the event and festival.
  • Project the need of any staff and or/volunteers.
  • Oversee all aspects of programming a festival, including working with volunteer
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with members of the business
  • Oversee Marketing and Promotion to ensure sponsorships, individual and programming committees, businesses, etc. community. Develop strong relationships with vendors to ensure production of the highest quality events while maintaining event control. Negotiating of agreements with event suppliers and external vendors is included. business donations, advertising sales, and fundraising efforts timeline on schedule outcomes. Understand the nature of how to work with volunteers.
  • Provide leadership to a team of key volunteers to drive successful event
  • Create key metrics to provide monthly reports.
  • Create event and festival budget.
  • Monitor promotional partnerships with business associations that drive event
  • Work closely with internal teams to ensure event information is communicated
  • Ensure efficient and effective use of all resources in order to help achieve safe
  • Coordinate and conduct regular meetings with key individuals, volunteers, and
  • Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal, codes, regulations, and laws.

III. General Criteria for Evaluating Qualifications

To be considered, the proposal must respond to all requirements in the RFP. Any other information believed to be relevant, but not applicable to the enumerated categories, should be provided as an appendix to the proposal. If publications are provided, the success. Assist in coordinating publications which can include monthly advisory committee reports, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, social media, and other materials as needed to promote understanding and appreciation of the event. to target audience well in advance of the event and during the event and successful event.interested agencies.

2 document and page number shall be referenced. The WEF reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. The WEF reserves the right to request more information for clarification. The proposal shall be divided into sections as indicated below:

1) Experience, Expertise, and Workability: The experience of the proposed individual, or organization,should be documented particularly with individual experience in successful events and/or festivals directed. The qualification statement shall identify the specific executive, professional, and technical personnel who will be assigned to work on this project. The proposal shall indicate the responsibilities each person will have, the approximate number of hours that this person will commit weekly, and the previous related work experience of each individual.

Personnel indicated as having appropriate expertise must be assigned to the project and be actively engaged in completion of the tasks as outline in the scope of services. Any changes in assignment of personnel shall be reviewed and approved by the City of Casper to assure consistent technical expertise throughout the term of the contract. Prior experience with large events or festivals is preferred. This experience will be examined at a minimum, on the basis of actual experience and length of time in business.

The qualification statement should provide assurance of the demonstrated ability of the individual, or organization, with a diverse group of individuals and agencies including citizens, businesses, and governmental organizations.

2) Conflicts of Interest: The qualification statementshallspecifically address any possible conflicts of interest and the proposer’s position or response as to whether or not such other work or relationship may be deemed a conflict of interest with this project. In general, a conflict of interest is any situation in which an individual representing the WEF and/or the vendor is in a position to exploit a professional or personal relationship for their personal or corporate benefit.

3) Task Overview: The qualification statement shall establish the understanding of the WEF’s objectives and requirements, demonstrate the individual, or organizations, ability to meet those requirements and outline clearly and concisely the plan for accomplishing the specified work. Include an example of an advertisement campaign prepared for a client similar to this project.

4) Cost: The qualification statement shall specifically provide a not to exceed amount for services associated with this project. Proponents shall provide a 3 detailed breakdown, at a minimum, of the following items within as estimated cost schedule:

  • Staff wages;
  • Travel and all associated costs;
  • Material preparation, reproduction costs;
  • Any additional supplemental fees;
  • Fees for anticipated services being provided

The negotiated fee shall be based on estimated project costs, time, and materials, including hourly rates for technical personnel, and reimbursable expenses.

5) References: The qualification statement shall include names and contract information for at least three (3) professional references. The WEF reserves the right to contact any reference or any client listed in the proposal for information which may be beneficial in evaluating performance.

IV. Interviews

Eligible proposals shall be reviewed and may require the individual, or organization, to appear before a selection committee for an interview. Final selection will be made by WEF.

V. Criteria for Selection

Eligible proposals shall be subject to evaluation by designated individuals and/or a Selection Committee. The evaluation shall be for the express purpose of selecting the proposal which most clearly meets the RFP requirements. The following areas will be considered in the selection:

1) Understanding the Problem/Solution Proposal: This refers to the individual, or organization, understanding the WEF needs, objectives of the RFP, and the nature and scope of the work involved.

2) Qualifications: This includes the ability for the individual, or organization, to meet the needs of the RFP. Specifically, the quality and relevancy of recent projects of similar nature completed by the individual, or organization.

3) Professional Personnel: This refers to the competence of professional personnel assigned to the project. Qualifications of all professional personnel will be measured by education and experience, with particular emphasis on experience directing, coordinating, and planning special events. Individual biographical 4 resumes with specific project experience related to this RFP will be given strong onsideration.

4) Soundness of Approach: This refers to the quality of the respondent’s expertise and methods used to coordinate special events.

5) Cooperative Process: This refers to the respondent’s understanding, expression, and experience that demonstrate sensitivity to the spirit of cooperation between private and public partnerships.

VI. Request For Proposal Procedure

Each respondent shall submit three (3) copies of their sealed proposal to the Human Resources Department, 200 North David Street, Casper, WY, 82601, or hand delivered to the Human Resources Department located in the City Center Building 100 W. B Street, Suite 101 on or before 4:00 PM local Mountain Time, July 10, 2015. Proposals shall be externally labeled “Proposal for Event/Festival Director Services.” The proposal may alternatively be submitted as a file attachment through an e-mail message and sent to with the following inserted in the “subject” line of the e-mail: “Proposal for Event/Festival Director Services.” All proposals must be received by the specified deadline. The proposal will remain valid for at least sixty (60) days.

(1) General Criteria for Evaluation Proposals: Proposals will be evaluated regarding the stated pricing, the quality of the proposal presentation, its responsiveness to the stated requirements, the consultant’s experience and expertise, the results of reference checks, and the respondent’s special qualifications. The presence of any conflicts of interest will also be reviewed.

(2) Contract Award and Documents: The WEF reserves the right to accept, reject, or request changes in proposals. The WEF will work closely with the selected respondent to develop or refine a detailed scope of work, scheduled for completion of tasks and costs associated with completed work included in the contract documents. The selected individual, or organization, will be required to sign a Contract for Professional Servicesin a form acceptable to the WEF. This document will include, but not be limited to, the following articles: method of compensation, time of performance, scope of services, termination of contract, and obligations to the WEF.

(3) Addenda to the Request for Proposals: In the event that it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP, addenda will be provided to all vendors invited to respond.

(4) Late Proposals: Late proposals will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that the proposal arrives prior to the stated deadline.

(5) Response Material Ownership: The material submitted in response to the RFP becomes the property of the WEF, and will only be returned to the respondent at the WEF’s option. The WEF has the right to use any or all ideas presented in reply to this request. Any confidential information to this request should be individually stamped confidential. Justification for confidentiality may be required as per Wyoming Public Records Law. Disqualification of a consultant does not eliminate this right.

(6) Acceptance of Proposal Content: The contents of the proposal of the successful individual, or organization, may become a contractual obligation if the WEF wishes to execute a contract based on the submitted proposal. Failure of the successful individual, or organization, to accept these obligations in a contract may result in cancellation of the award and such vendor may be removed from future solicitations.