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Where can you reach over 955,000 active Wyoming travel planners across 3 media channels? How can you leverage the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s 5.3 Million Dollar ad budget to bring potential customers from the sidewalks of Wyoming, into your front door?

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You may have heard the myths about print advertising; however, research continues to show that print ads are the most trusted advertising channel according to 82% of consumers.

Myth: Print is dying
Truth: Print use remains strong
Fact: In the 10-year history of The State of the American Traveler, print usage has set new records over the last 12 months, with over half of all U.S. leisure travelers using it during 2016 – 2017

Myth: Print is only used by older U.S. travelers
Truth: Print is used by all ages of U.S. travelers
Fact: Gen Y travelers’ use of Official Visitors Guides is only slightly less than that of Gen X and Baby Boomers. In other areas of print usage, Gen Y travelers actually use print more in travel decisions (e.g. lifestyle magazines).

Myth: Reducing print advertising can save money
Truth: Print advertising helps drive direct bookings
Fact: The average U.S. leisure traveler uses a small number of print publications in trip planning; however, visits more than 120 websites before and during their travel. Print advertising is trusted by more consumers (82%) than any other type of advertising.

155,392 copies of the Official Wyoming Travelers Journal were requested and sent directly in 2016

The Wyoming Office of Tourism’s official programs in print, web, and Email represent the most qualified audience that exists. We are communicating with potential travelers in every phase of their travel planning cycle. Reserve your ad space or enhanced listing in the 2018 Official Wyoming Travelers Journal now through September 15th.

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