Theatre & Performing Arts

Artists throughout Wyoming often attribute the inspiration for their work from Wyoming’s sights, sounds, and landscapes. “The lifestyle here, the thinking, the spirit, the soul of Wyoming – it’s all in me and we’re giving that back to her as much as she’s giving it to us,” explains Seadar Rose, the vocals and guitar of the group Screen Door Porch

Screen Door Porch isn’t the only group powering Wyoming’s music and performing scene. A number of local bands have emerged in recent years – all with unique takes on the sound of the state. See Wyoming come to life on stage through the performances of local artists around the state, or immerse yourself in the sounds of Wyoming by checking out the Wyoming Road Trip Playlist on Spotify. With tracks by some of the hottest bands in Wyoming, this playlist offers road trippers a soundtrack for their Wyoming adventures. 

To find a way to soak up Wyoming’s arts scene, check out theaters and performing arts venues below. 

Dan Miller Cowboy Music Revue in Cody, Wyoming
Dan Miller Cowboy Music Revue, Cody.