Wyoming Guides & Outfitters

Wyoming is a state that is meant to be experienced. Feel the splash of wild river rapids, grip the rock of a towering crag, get lost in the rhythm of a cast or sense the rush of snowmobiling across open terrain. In addition to being a top destination for outdoor recreation, Wyoming is also a premier hunting location with many local resources and experts to assist in planning. This state surrounds you with invigorating activities, leaving you with the decision of which to try first. 

If you don’t have the proper gear or want to try something for the first time, you can leave your options open with the assistance of an outfitter or guide. Outfitters can rent out gear and organize your trip from arrival to departure, ensuring you have the proper supplies, food and a place sleep. Guides can provide local expertise along the way, helping you learn technical skills and showing you the best locations. With help from these trusted resources, all you have to worry about is taking in the views and enjoying your outdoor adventure.

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