Agriculture in Wyoming

Farming and ranching are a way of life for many Wyomingites. Many locals have grown up in ranching or farming in Wyoming and are the product of several generations of working the Wyoming land.

Wyoming is home to over 11,600 farms averaging 2,600 acres. In other words, over 30 million acres of Wyoming’s landscape boast crops and livestock that not only contribute millions of dollars to Wyoming’s economy, but also feed people worldwide.

Luckily for visitors, there are many ways to experience Wyoming’s thriving agriculture industry. With 38 regularly scheduled farmers markets statewide, year-round, fresh and local food is always available. Many communities, local restaurants, brewers and distillers are also committed to farm-to-table and grain-to-glass experiences to support local farms and reduce their resource footprint.

Not only is Wyoming a leader in traditional agriculture, local innovators are changing the entire industry. A once small Laramie-based startup, Bright Agrotech created vertical farming technology, allowing farmers to grow various foods with less space, indoors.

Vertical Harvest in Jackson took a similar technology and created a farm that only sits on 1/10th of an acre and will produce up to 100,000 pounds of food annually for the Jackson community. Many local restaurants use the products grown at Vertical Harvest in their dishes. Schedule a tour of Vertical Harvest to experience this agricultural wonder yourself.

Learn more about the history and importance of agriculture in Wyoming from this video produced by the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust: