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Wyoming Country Outfitters offers the finest selection of Western Horseback Vacations available. Our summer (May to August) trips are based out of the South Pass region of the Wind River Mountains. This location allows for easy access to historical landmarks and locations such as the Oregon Buttes, Sweetwater River, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Outlaw Trail, Pony Express Route, Willie and Martin Handcart sites, and the gold rush towns of South Pass City and Miners Delight.

The land is rugged, big, and spectacular-open as far as the eye can see, covered with sagebrush, rocks, junipers, wide basins and steep sculptured canyons. Large hers of antelope and wild horses roam this area. Duration, distance and vacation activities are custom made according to the wishes of the group.

Wyoming Country Outfitters is a small, high quality, professional family outfitting business with over three generations of experience. We believe in offering custom western horseback vactions to small groups and families of 10 to 15 individuals.

No skill or experience is required; only a spirit of adventure and love of the outdoors. If you've never riden a horse or it has been a long time, don't let that stop you. With our dependable, gentle horses and expert instruction even beginners feel comfortable in the saddle. We will match you to a horse which suits your riding ability and is "yours" for the length of the vacation.

Wyoming Country Outfitters vacations are full of entertainment and education. The sound of a guitar around a crackling campfire intertwined with singing, story-telling, and the distant serenade of coyotes will be heard. Aditionally, as the sky fills with a million tiny diamonds your will learn not only how things were done in the west but why. One evening, your group may also wish to visit the nearby quaint old mining town of Atlantic City for a great steak dinner in an authentic, rustic atomosphere followed by entertainment at an old west style saloon.

Due to the custom nature of our trips, we allow for a variety of lodging option.

By combining entertainment and education in conjunction with authentic landscapes and scenery, great horses and professional wranglers- these vacations will never be forgotten!

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2320 Missouri Valley Rd.

Pavillion, WY, 82523

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