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Located south of Jackson, just off Highway 191, we have a unique and historic camp surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and best horseback riding and hunting in America. We offer year around activities…horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. Each season has its own unique qualities. Our base camp in the Bridger-Teton National Forest is adjacent to the Gros Ventre Wilderness where we utilize our 100+ year old trapper’s cabins that have survived all these years. The main cabin and gold mining sluice have been entered into the National Register of Historic Places. Even though we are in the wilds, our base is functional year around and has many unexpected comforts, such as our authentic tepees, log outhouse, and wilderness sauna. 
Horseback riding with us is a genuine adventure and takes you into the heart of the back-country. Actually participating, and not just looking, adds a whole new dimensions to experiencing the wilds of WY. Our excellent string of horses and 30+ years in the business makes our horseback riding second to none. We offer short rides and multi-day rides. The terrain is varied, interesting and the entire ride is in National Forest with no development in sight. You can expect a true adventure with a high margin of safety, and even our shortest rides will submerge you into the Wyoming back country. Come for a day or several days and enjoy great food, awesome surroundings, fun camp activities, fabulous horseback riding, and true Wyoming wilderness. We are able to take horseback rides as soon as the weather permits in the spring and can go through the fall, as well.
Fishing can start as early as March in some areas, and go through November, as we can utilize high country lakes, rivers and lakes, depending on the time of year and desired fishing. Fishing is done by both wading and the use of drift boats, and we offer both fly fishing and spin fishing options. We can also utilize private ranch lands where others can not go, with river access, private ponds, and small stream challenges; or we can fish high mountain streams with, or without combining it with horseback riding. We have superb summer dry fly fishing and legendary Green River trout. Our expert guides are experienced and local. They can accommodate all levels of fishing abilities and always willing to offer advice and assistance.
Snowmobiling in snow-covered mountains with no one around is indescribable. We often see tracks and wildlife as we travel the perfect blanket of white by snow machine to our historic trappers cabin for a hot drink and snack, or a full grilled lunch. We go where no other commercial operator has access, so our private and personal trips in this remote country are unmatched anywhere else in the area. We are not on trails with other snowmobilers. Our trails offer twists and turns, hills and flats, woods and open areas; beginners can manage, and experienced sledders can enjoy. If the conditions are right, we can even get rowdy, practice powder turns, or just go fast in open areas.
If hunting is your passion, we are it. Our main focus is elk and mule deer. The mule deer migration route is in our area, and many large bucks pass our way. We have several elk herds who summer in our area that we can see on our longer trail rides. Finding elk is never a problem when September comes. Our rugged terrain and wild country make our hunts a genuine western experience. If you want a comfortable, back-country camp experience, lots of country to explore by horseback and a true fair-chase hunting experience…we are it.

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138-2 Forty Rod RD (OFFICE)

Pinedale, WY, 82941

(307) 733-1044

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