Fossil Fun

  • Wyoming is rich with dinosaur bones and fossils. Whether you want to see a dig site or get dirt under your fingernails by digging for fossils, there is a place for you in Wyoming!
  • Visit The Fossil Butte National Monument in southwest Wyoming near the town of Kemmerer. Check out the visitors center where you can ask rangers questions and participate in activities made just for kids.
  • Como Bluff, just outside of Medicine Bow, is known for its fossils.  One of the largest animal skeletons that had ever been excavated (the Diplodocus) was found here. Be sure to stop by the Como Bluff Fossil Cabin Museum, a building made entirely from dinosaur bones!
  • In northeastern Wyoming, you can visit the Paleo Park, just outside of Newcastle. This park is open during the summer months for fossil hunting and other activities. While you’re in the area, check out the Vore Buffalo Jump site.

Vore Buffalo Jump excavation tour in Crook County, Wyoming.

  • This cliff was used by Native Americans for centuries as a means to hunt bison. It is right off I-90 near Sundance, Wyoming.