Hear From Other Local Artists

Do you hear that? The sound of local musicians inspired by the scenery of the Wyoming countryside. Unknown by many, Wyoming has a vastly growing music culture. With the increasing amount of music festivals across the state, such as Whatfest held in Riverside and The Grand Teton Music Festival held in Wilson, you are sure to find a new favorite artist.

Many artists find inspiration from the landscape and people they meet as they travel across the state. In Wyoming, many different genres of music are represented from traditional country music to mixes of blues and rock.

Music isn’t the only scene to be found in Wyoming. From jewelry to hand-crafted hides, art from local artists can be found around every corner. Many talented Western and native wildlife artists live, work and play in Wyoming. Home to singing cowboys in Cody, the Center for the Arts in Jackson,  and a wealth of skilled craftspeople Wyoming is a haven for visual and performing arts. Search around to find out the perfect entertainment for your family in Wyoming.