Energy in Wyoming

As the top industry in Wyoming, energy-related business is a large part of the way of life for many Wyomingites. Energy-related operations played a integral role in the development and growth of a large number of Wyoming destinations. The same rich natural history that makes Wyoming a top-spot for geological and paleontological research and study also makes Wyoming a location with rich and vast quantities of various energy creating materials including coal, natural gas and crude oil. The state’s natural resources allow Wyoming to supply more energy to other states than any other state in the country. 

Visitors can see evidence of Wyoming’s vibrant energy industry state wide, but possibly one of the best places to expierience it is in northeastern Wyoming in Campbell County. 7 of the 10 largest coal mines in the world are in the Powder River Basin right here in the Cowboy State in both Campbell and Converse. Some of these mines provide tours of their operations through the Gillette Visitors Center, allowing visitors a unique opportunity to experience the mining industry.