Plan Your Trip

This map highlights some popular road trips throughout the great state of Wyoming which offer many options along the way for you to stop and enjoy the total solar eclipse.

The lines indicate the “path of totality” in which you will experience total darkness in the middle of the day.  The middle line is the direct path of the eclipse in which it will remain dark for 2 minutes and 26 seconds, according to experts.  The further you travel from the direct path, the less time in total darkness.  Once you are out of the path of totality, you will not witness the full effect of this amazing event, but you’ll see the sun about 90% covered.

As the date approaches, it may be difficult to find accommodations in communities which lie directly under the path of the Total Solar Eclipse. However, it is good to note that no matter where you are in the state, you’re never more than a 2 hour drive from the path of totality.  Be sure to check out our “Places to Stay” tab to find your home away from home.

Park to Park Route Overview
The Park to Park suggested itinerary takes you right through the path of totality from Wheatland to Thermopolis utilizing Route A and from Wheatland almost to Yellowstone if utilizing Route B.

Route A: Casper to Thermopolis & Beyond
·       Distance: About 467 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 7.25 hours

Route B: Casper to Dubois, Dubois to Moran & Beyond
·       Distance: About 424 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 7.5 hours

Rockies to Tetons Route Overview
Following the Rockies to Tetons route, you’ll hit the path of totality just southeast of Lander when following Route A and will remain under the path all the way through Jackson and almost to Pinedale.  Since this part of the itinerary is a loop, the reverse is true if following Route B. 

Route A: Rawlins to Lander & Beyond
·       Distance: About 469 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 7.75 hours

Route B: Rawlins to Rock Springs; Rock Springs to Pinedale & Beyond
·       Distance: About 452 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 7.5 hours

Salt to Stone Route Overview
The path of totality on the Salt to Stone Route begins in Alpine and you’ll remain in it until just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park
·       Distance: About 279 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 5.5 hours

Black to Yellow Route Overview
If you are traveling along the Black to Yellow route near the time of the total solar eclipse, you can take a slight detour out of Worland and head 33 miles southwest on highway 16 to Thermopolis where you will be within the path of totality.

Black Hills to Yellowstone National Park
·       Distance: About 489 miles
·       Estimated Drive Time: 8.75 hours