Worland was founded in 1906 on the west side of the Big Horn River. However, as the railroad moved into the area, tracks were laid to the east of the river. The town’s founders, eager to benefit from the railroad, agreed a move was necessary. During the winter, town residents slid their homes, businesses and belongings across the frozen Big Horn River and relocated at the town’s present site.

With fine lodging and dining along with 160 miles of off highway trails and roads with access to them 12 months out of the year. Bring your bikes, boots, or OHV’s and see what you miss traveling down the highway. Or stretch out with the Big Horn Mountains 30 minutes to the east, the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Spring 30 minutes to the south, wild horses to the west, petroglyphs to the north and much more in the neighborhood.

Don’t Miss: The Washakie Cultural Center and Museum was finished in 2010 and offers incredible hands on exhibits of life in the Bighorn Basin including early mammoth hunters, paleontology, and early settlers. 

Population: 5,250
Elevation: 4032
Region: Northwest

Chamber of Commerce