Annual Festivals:  Platte County Fair and Rodeo, Summer Fun Fest, Quilt Shows, Town and Country Appreciation Night Dance, Moonlight Madness

In 1894, the Carey Act, written by Wyoming’s U.S. Senator Joseph M. Carey, made a million acres of the state’s land very appealing to homesteaders. Under the Act, cheap land, water for irrigation and a share in the water canal enabled the settling of the Platte River valley. The settlers came.

They dug canals and ditches, built dams and turned Wyoming water onto Wyoming land to make agriculture a way of life. Recreation opportunities in the area include golf, fishing and boating at Greyrocks Reservoir, Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Register Cliff, Oregon Trail Ruts National Landmark, Medicine Bow National Forest and a few other small fishing holes in the area.

Don’t Miss: The Laramie Peak Museum offers a wealth of homestead memorabilia. Other sites of interest in the area include the Oregon Trail Ruts National Historic Landmark and the Register Cliff State Historic Site, about 30 miles northeast in Guernsey. wyshs.org

Population: 3,548
Elevation: 4770
Region: Central

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