A breathtaking vision of the New West, Sheridan is Wyoming’s emerald city. Historic downtown doors swing wide open to extend a warm hospitality as legendary as the icons and outlaws that once roamed these parts, while fabled history and dramatic mountain vistas meet western graces and the serenity of wide open spaces. Gaze at the neon signs lining Main Street in our historic downtown, embrace Native American history at the remarkable Brinton Museum, ride out into the ranches that dot the foothills and hike the endless canyons that bookend the Bighorns. This is Wyoming the way it was always meant to be.

Welcome to the thrill-seeker’s wonderland. The Wyoming experience lives in every ponderosa pine, alpine lake, worn-out saddle and secret canyon in Sheridan. Summit the legendary peaks of the Bighorn Mountains, crush fresh powder on skis or sleds, sing your heart out at the 3rdThursday Street Festival and unwind on a patio with a pint of local liquid gold in hand. Epic events, live music, wilderness hikes, world-class museums, remarkable ranches and hotels, Indian battlefields and more live at the base of the Bighorns.

Sheridan, Wyoming. The American West the world dreams of.

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