The City of Lander, Wyoming was established in 1884, incorporated by the Fremont County Commissioners on July 12, 1890, and became a First Class City on January 16, 1963. The current population as of the 2010 census is 7,487. Lander is known for its recreational opportunities, entertainment, relaxation, scenic beauty, business opportunities and just plain fun!

Sinks Canyon State Park is within seven (7) miles of Lander offering beautiful scenery and the mystery of seeing a river disappear into the side of the mountain. Visit Historic South Pass City and Atlantic City, 30 miles to the south of Lander and reminisce about the late 1800’s and the gold rush. The City of Lander has numerous winter and summer events to keep you busy, for instance, the Pioneer Days Rodeo and Parade (July), Wyoming State Winter Fair (March) and numerous other events.

Lander: Wyoming’s Outdoor Adventure Haven

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The town of Lander offers the peace and tranquility of a remote mountain town with enough excitement and adventure to keep you entertained for days. Epic rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and fishing await you in and around this town’s prized state park: Sinks Canyon. Here you’ll (willingly) get lost in fields of endless wildflowers, hike to summits offering stunning views, and rock climb your way up towering crags that offer a rare thrill, only to be experienced in Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Home to the annual International Rock Climbers Festival, its no wonder that thousands of accomplished rock climbers flock to this area of the state on a regular basis.

Rock Climbing in Lander Sure, you’ve got world-class rock climbing right at your fingertips, but what every visitor (self-proclaimed rock climber, family vacationer, or otherwise) will for sure experience is this town’s inviting atmosphere and warm hospitality. “Lander is one of those special places people choose to visit because they feel welcome from the instant they step foot in our community,” said Gary Michaud, City Resource Coordinator of Lander, Wyoming. ” Our city is centrally located in an extremely scenic part of the state, offers quality local restaurants, a great shopping experience, and award-winning microbrews.” Community, among Lander’s glorious mountain views, is one of the key elements that makes this town all that it is.

Wind River Country in Lander

Run into Wild Iris Mountain Sports (or any other store for that matter!) and the employees will offer up the need-to-know beta to get you up that challenging route, point out the best hiking and camping spots, and show you what you need to experience all this area has to offer. The same goes for any one of the town’s delicious little foodie hot-spots. While Lander may be coined as a “climbers town”, we argue that foodies from rivaling cities will be pleasantly surprised at what this town has to offer from a culinary standpoint. Gannett Grill is a must for anyone looking for a chill, laid-back atmosphere with a local, grass-fed all-beef burger that will knock your socks off. You’ll be hard-pressed to leave this place without conversing with a local and subsequently making a new friend for a drink or two later that day. Looking to start your day of adventure off right? Make your way to the Middle Fork for the best cup off french press you’ve had in years and a decadent side of beignets. If you’re traveling in the summertime, we recommend sitting out by the patio where you’ll enjoy the fresh breeze and the peaceful sound of the creek right along the picket fence that encloses this delightful little area. After you’ve indulged, set out to do some exploring. After all, it is Lander, and all of this beauty is just waiting to be discovered.

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Hike, bike, climb, run, walk, drive, ride, or wander. Whatever your fancy, just make sure you get outside. The Wind River Mountains are easily one of the most incredible sights in the entire state, but the vastness and remoteness of this range can be overwhelming. It’s hard to decide where to go and what to do first! For some guidance, check out one of the area’s local outfitters, or stop by Wind River Outdoor Company. Better yet, stay at a dude ranch nearby, like Allen’s Diamond Four Ranch, where you’ll get to go on a guided pack trip to drink in the area’s majestic surroundings. Need an exciting excuse to get away and experience Lander for real? The town has several annual events that bring out the charm and vibrancy of the Wind River Country. Enjoy a brew at Lander’s Brew Fest, climb with the pro’s at the International Climber’s Festival, or drink in the city’s local art at Lander Riverfest where original, handcrafted art is sold and entertainment, demonstrations, food, and live music are in plenty. What are you waiting for? Grab your backpack, hiking shoes, a tent, and your carefree spirit, and throw caution to the wind as you explore one of Wyoming’s best-kept secrets: Lander, Wyoming. We’ll see you there! Ready to plan your escape to Lander? Download our FREE Official Travelers Journal for ideas on where to stay and what to do, or check out Wind River Country and the Lander Chamber of Commerce