Annual Festivals: ‘Days of 49’ western celebration, second weekend in June; Bob Good Memorial Roping, second full weekend in September; Winter Holidazzle/Craft Fair, first weekend in December

Located in a valley at the confluence of the Bighorn and Greybull rivers and also at the junction of U.S. Highways 14, 16, and 20, this town was named for the Grey Bull river, bearing the name of a legendary albino bison bull that roamed the area and was sacred to Native Americans.

The railroad can be credited with giving birth to the town of Greybull in 1906 and although the railroad provided many jobs, oil gushers discovered in 1915 brought about a doubling of the local population which eventually grew to over 5,000 before the economic recession of 1921 began. The same geologic periods that provided the oil resources also now makes this area a rich resource for dinosaur fossils and studies.

Today, agriculture and bentonite mining and processing (pure volcanic ash used in kitty litter, make up and ice cream) provide the major employment in the area. A local free museum documents the local history, geology, and paleontology and also has for view, a monument to its railroad history, a caboose.

Greybull’s proximity to the Big Horn mountain range makes it an easily accessible base camp for outdoor excursions including fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, horseback riding, snowmobiling and daily drives. Greybull has been called the best kept secret between the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park.

Don’t Miss: Greybull’s Days of ’49 Festival, held the second weekend in June every year, is a weekend of rodeos and parades.  Also make time for  a trip to the expansive Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Population: 1,915
Elevation: 3788
Region: Northwest

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